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10 kilos in 9 days: Tim Mälzer reveals his lightning diet


When you hear his name, you automatically think of good food. Tim Mälzer (50) has blossomed into a successful and sought-after star chef over the years. Although he regularly feeds German celebrities – but when it comes to his private life, the “Kitchen Impossible” star likes to keep a low profile. Until now!

The 50-year-old is currently making a name for himself because of his figure. The reason: According to his own statements, Mälzer actually managed to lose an impressive ten kilos in just nine days. A great achievement that did not come without its price – because Tim Mälzer had to follow a radical diet to be successful.

Tim Mälzer: Thanks to the extreme diet, he lost ten kilos

In an interview with RTL The Elmshorn native revealed what was really behind his diet: “I just didn’t eat anything.” The 50-year-old obviously decided to fast briefly but intensively. “I didn’t eat anything for nine days, I only drank tea – and that made me very successful,” said Mälzer, visibly proud. In the meantime, the celebrity chef was silent about how difficult the time was without solid food.

Instead of moaning or raving about food, Tim Mälzer joked in an interview with RTL that the time during the diet gave him new ideas: “Maybe I’ll prepare a diet cookbook now.” The TV star and owner of the However, restaurants “Bullerei” quickly declined and added with a laugh: “There would be nine recipes for making tea for nine days.”

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