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011920 Mystery of the red planet / Antarctica / 1960 | 126 min. France, Germany
Genre: documentary
Directed by: Jean Baptiste Kemeny
Screen version of the first scientific expedition to the South Pole. The world premiere took place on December 25, 1956.
The French were the first to land on the snowy plateau in Antarctica as part of a small group of researchers from a helicopter. In January 1958, German explorers set out for the mainland, led by Charles Piri, a pioneer in the field of exploration of this continent. The expedition lasted five weeks. Repeated resistance, and as a result, Piri from a bird’s eye view saw a giant ice wall stretching for many kilometers.
The return to Piri Land was long awaited. In honor of the triumphant return of the Italians in the history of the conquest of the South Pole, many honorary signs were established.
Director Phil Robbins said he wanted to make a revolutionary movie for the American public. He said: “I wanted to use modern technology, but not for the show, but to show how hard it is to work in Antarctica. I wanted to portray people who really changed history.”
In 1912, the Americans decided to conduct their first mass exploration of the icy continent.
On August 27, 1908, an expedition led by Robert Peary descended onto the ice for the first time by parachute, and on September 24 it became clear that Antarctica was covered with snow.
As glaciers grow larger, it becomes more difficult to explore the land from the surface.
The Italians, who were the first to land on the icy continent, did not give up hope of reaching the South Pole and returned without difficulty.
But a month later, Peary sends an airship to the Pole for help, which should land at McMurdo. Since February, he and the French have been circling over the northern continent in anticipation of a rescue expedition.
In December, under the cover of fog, an airship attempted to reach the South Pole, but bad weather prevented it. But at the end of December, people lowered a lit torch on a balloon filled with gas and reached the pole, which, however, did not burn XYZ, movies, movies Filmy4WAP, movies in good quality, movies action,dvd,disks



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