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Adding a Bezier curve

You can draw a line quickly using the Bezier curve tool, shown in Figure 8.12. The tool is located at the top of the toolbox and has three handles.

**Figure 8.12** : The Bezier curve tool

Select the shape tool in the toolbox and drag out a shape. Click on the line as you drag so that you can see the midpoint.

The midpoint of the shape is a reference point for the control points. The reference point controls the curve of the path.

To draw a curve, click and hold the control point to select it. Click another point and drag it away from the control point. You can type the coordinates of the new control point using the hotkey Ctrl+X or click on the top-left corner of the cursor. The new point is added to the Bezier curve and the selected control point is deleted. Figure 8.13 shows an example of the Bezier curve tool.

**Figure 8.13** : Drawing a Bezier curve

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This complete guide to Photoshop will teach you everything you need to know about Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, including:

How to use the basics of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

How to work with layers, masks, blend modes, layer comps and selection settings

How to make adjustments to images like color, light and brightness

How to crop, resize and rotate images

How to use one-click actions to quickly perform tasks with your images

How to perform common Photoshop tasks like adding text, creating and applying textures, and adding effects

How to clean up image edges and remove stray objects

How to make text easier to read and apply text styles, add borders, and create watermarks

Learn how to work with layers and make selections with masks

Learn the basics of effects, filters and how to make use of them

Learn how to use several common adjustments like brightness, contrast, and saturation

Learn how to use the Auto Dialog feature

Learn how to create custom actions and save them as Photoshop actions

Learn about the Print command for printing and how to save your images

This complete guide to Photoshop will be the perfect reference for anyone interested in improving their skills in this exciting world of digital photography.

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone who is new to Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You don’t need any prior experience with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to use this book.

This book is also suitable for more experienced users who want a thorough guide to the Photoshop program.

What you’ll learn in the book

The remainder of this book covers all the basics of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Each chapter includes the following information:

A tutorial that demonstrates how to use the feature in question

A list of the tools and keyboard shortcuts to access the feature

An explanation of the keyboard shortcuts and the most commonly used features

An example of the new “on canvas” approach to working with layers that displays the code you enter before you commit to creating a layer.

Each chapter includes:

How to Create Layers with the Layers Panel

How to Create and Edit Masks

How to Use Photoshop’s Trichromacy RGB/HSL Colorspace

How to Understand Photoshop’s Panoramic Textures

How to Create and Use Groups

How to Create and Edit Gradients


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// Generated by class-dump 3.5 (64 bit) (Debug version compiled Oct 15 2018 10:31:50).
// class-dump is Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2015 by Steve Nygard.



@class NSString;

@interface INSearchForImageOfTypeSlideshowIntent : INIntent

– (void)setParametersByName:(id)arg1;
– (id)parametersByName;
– (void)setVerb:(id)arg1;
– (id)verb;
– (void)setDomain:(id)arg1;
– (id)domain;
– (void)_setDefaultValue:(id)arg1 forKey:(id)arg2;
– (id)_dictionaryValueForKey:(id)arg1;
– (id)copyWithZone:(struct _NSZone *)arg1;
– (id)initWithImageType:(long long)arg1;

// Remaining properties
@property(readonly, copy) NSString *debugDescription;
@property(readonly, copy) NSString *description;
@property(readonly) unsigned long long hash;
@property(readonly) Class superclass;



Subscribing to a Laravel event via other events to trigger a notification

I have a few Laravel events that should trigger a notification on an event.
Is there a clean way to do it? Something like:
event(UserFetched) {
event(NotifyUser) {
$this->fields = [];
return $this;

Or maybe I should make a middleware?


You can listen to more than one events at a time using the Bindings trait.

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In an exclusive interview with Discovery News, NASA’s new chief scientist, Thomas Zurbuchen, talks to Tanya Lewis about his ambitious plan to return to the moon by 2024.

In NASA’s most recent budget proposal, the agency outlined a plan to return astronauts to the moon in 2024. The plan envisions four astronauts roving through the unexplored lunar surface in specially equipped vehicles, collecting rock samples, mapping the surface and returning to Earth by 2024 to send the samples to labs for analysis. The plan has generated a lot of excitement in Congress, where officials and lawmakers have repeatedly asked, “When will you go to the moon again?”

As of now, however, NASA has not indicated when it will actually make the 2024 moon plan a reality. Asked about the timeframe, Zurbuchen told Discovery News that it “depends on how fast we can get all the approvals and get our appropriations approved.”

“We would still have to make some changes to the architecture of the plan,” he added. The plan, known as Artemis, is “cost-constrained,” but it also has to be deliverable, he said. “We have to be able to deliver a platform that is capable of carrying astronauts safely to and from the moon and then returning those astronauts safely to Earth.”

The moon plan, announced last month by NASA’s acting administrator Robert Lightfoot, comes on the heels of a slew of headlines surrounding a plan for a manned mission to Mars. Many in NASA have criticized that program, pointing out that the agency’s approach to space exploration has deviated from the Apollo-era manned lunar program. However, Zurbuchen said the two missions are not mutually exclusive.

“We do not want to get in a way to the point of: ‘Well, we’re going to have to be on the moon, so we need to look at other places.’ No, we want to go back to the moon. That’s part of the science, we know about the moon and we know how to go there safely. You know, you don’t get there by chance. You don’t just go there because you’re interested in what’s there.”

NASA is already planning to return to the moon later this year. This year’s upcoming launch, called Artemis 1, will be the first step in the 20-year road to the lunar surface. The astronauts will use a space capsule called Orion, which is

System Requirements:

1.5 – New Super Mario Bros. 2:
Works in most Virtual Console games.
1.4 – Game Boy Advance:
Works in some Virtual Console games.
1.3 – Game Boy:
Works in all Virtual Console games.
1.2 – Nintendo Entertainment System:
1.1 – Virtual Console:
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All Virtual Console games.
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