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Atkins or Keto – Which Is Better Option to Lose Weight

Just want to get the info out there!

I’ve tried Vegan for 6 months The Mevy Diet Atkins and More….

Atkins helped many things as well but leaning toward something between Atkins and Keto with fasting two days every week sometimes three as well as occasional carb cycle like potatoe with a peel or green pea soup or a few corn chips apple and pear has turned out to be the balance… am so Can sensitive I’m pretty sure and even a few healthy carbs has shown me it starts to put on a bit of the dangerous tummy fat so I will continue to stay on this path for restricted energy foods keto fasting for resting the digestion at the same time eating a bit of carbs for just a bit more variety…

I read a very large amount on keto while I started it and think that has made me successful..the one thing I suggest is for those wanting to try it to do reasearch on the problems that can arise and the. Ea foods tha combat that or take supplements…like Magnesium for leg cramps make sure you get enough potassium through avocados if your not eating bananas Probiotics are super important and enough veggie mass for things like constipation and drinking a lot of water during fast for cleansing even Chlorophyll is incredible for the ketones first experienced but over time breath will be cleaner and your mouth cleaner than you’ve ever felt!

Bacteria yeasts and Parasites apparently like sugars that come from any food something for everything to think about…I always try to talk to many that will listen about my research my health tests reflects incredible things I really truly deeply want to share to those who will listen…be aware of things like Diabetic Cook books on the shelf of existing unmentioned particular drug marts….they will show several sources of sugars in meal ingredients that are totally off a Rocker!!

Remeber Everyone in business has agendas…listen to several stories that are coming from real people…even Doctor on TV had a fellow on Keto for 7 years on his show…he was in immaculate shape..as well as a Another Doctor on YouTube that swears keto and fasting has healed many a patient with no money coming to him…Such a beautiful thing!!Stay healthy out there..Thank you and your so right keep learning and also researching and making sure you get a balance of things in your diet to not be short in anything!For sure!

Keto has a lot of nutritional deficiencies. you have to make them up. fiber is one. hard to get enough from just veggies. a multivitamin would be a real good idea. if you’re not eating cheese– calcium as well. just a heads up– that can bite you big time down the road. remember– this is forever– if it isn’t the weight comes back worse than before.

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