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Leecher is a software that allows you to gather links and download them offline. This program is not only used in order to download torrents and movies, it also has the ability to deal with individual links and these are instantaneously encrypted. This means that this software can help anyone to encrypt files, documents, or just any content that needs to be protected.
This handy application is similar in style to other similar programs such as Fing and DownThemAll. Yet there is a difference between these and Leecher, in that the latter focuses on being able to quickly gather web addresses and point them to a specified place on the disk, where they can be saved. You can also add and modify these links as you wish and the best part of it is that all these actions are automatically saved to a text document automatically.
The first step when you want to download a file or a torrent is simply to activate the program from the options menu. This can be done with a single mouse click, and then you will be taken to the main menu for choosing what kind of link you want to grab. After this comes the second step, which is to select the web address of the link you wish to grab.
The next step is choosing the directory where you want to save your gathered data. If you are using the program as a stand-alone program, then the directory will be on your hard disk directly, and if you are using the application as a browser extension, then you can download the links to a directory in the same place you are using the browser.
The next step will come up when the program finds the right content, and this is to encrypt the web address. To decrypt this content it will be necessary for the program to obtain the password, which can be obtained by pressing the button on the left side of the window.
If you want to do something other than save the file that you just grabbed, you just need to repeat the procedure. That is, you have the option to view it, edit the properties, or even put the entire link into a newsgroup, or you can even search for similar links in order to avoid duplicating the effort.
Download Leecher Features:
✓ Automatic compilation – no need to have anything specific installed!
✓ Simple interface: only one window, including two buttons that will do exactly what you expect them to do.
✓ The application will save your inputs to a text file automatically.
✓ Support for Windows Vista, Windows 7

Download Leecher Crack + Free Download

Description: Download Leecher is an application that aims to make this procedure a breeze by providing a means of encrypting on the fly download links. The person who wants to decrypt the URL address will have to request the passphrase used for ciphering the information and thus the author will know exactly to whom this information will be disclosed.
Insofar as the encrypting sequence is concerned, all one has to do is input the original link and press ‘Encrypt URL’ in order to have the Twofish cipher applied. They also have to come up with the key that will be used to decode that download URL and remember or store it well because that is the only way in which the encrypted string can be deciphered.
With regard to the download procedure, the person on the other end will have to paste the encoded link address in the corresponding area of Download Leecher and then type the password in order to start the download.
Optionally, it is possible to configure the connection settings from inside the program and choose the desired method from the ones available. More precisely, Download Leecher can get the files using the IE proxy, it can access the Internet directly or through a gateway, as well as through a custom proxy the user will specify in the designated box, with the connection port included.

Leecher helps you to hide any type of file URL from view. Your friends will be unable to see it even if they try to visit it. Just paste the link into the appropriate input box. The link itself will be hidden. Leecher is the only tool you need if you want to share your files privately or prevent someone from stealing your data.
It supports most of popular file hosting services like,,,and much more…
Key Features:
1. Support Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP & Mac OSX
2. Hide file url, visiting address, clicking address from the browser view bar.
3. Support proxy function.
4. Search and analyze file extension and file size to find what you want to hide.
5. Optionally encrypt file url for safe transmission.
6. Supports ALL types of file extensions, including.docx,.htm,.html,.cdr,.rw2,.txt,.pdf, and more…
7. Auto detect file content(.txt,.jpg,.xml, etc.) to help you search and remove some rubbish

Download Leecher Crack+

Leecher is a Windows application that aims to help you access, free of charge, files stored online and download them from any of the social networks, especially from Facebook, then save them and enjoy them offline.

Simply pick the social network you are going to download the files from, then copy the URL. Go to Leecher and paste the URL into the text box entitled ‘Target URL’. You will be prompted to provide the password for decrypting it, and a request for the passphrase will be displayed in a text box. The user has to paste the needed key and click the button to start the downloading procedure. You can also specify the name, size and format of the files you want to save and the destination where you want to store them.

Leecher has also included the ability to clear history files, so as to prevent that the download URLs are stored somewhere and be accessed later on. The files are kept in the same folder as the one where you run Leecher, so they can be easily accessed, copied or moved. They are also stored encrypted to prevent any unauthorized access to them.

If you encounter a page in Facebook not storing correctly the files, you can use the Facebook debugger, find out where the problem is and download the files from another location.

The Leecher application is free. It is available in Freeware section of our site. It could be useful to anyone, both for downloading files and as a security tool for saving private or sensitive information. The Leecher project is hosted and maintained by me. It is offered as is with no warranty or guaranty. Use at your own discretion. No further questions asked.

Download Leecher

Leecher is the first product developed by me. The goal was to provide a tool that would not only make it easier to download files online, but also would make it safer than using a non-verified file sharing service. The program can be considered as a cross between some of the file sharing services and a download manager, such as its main competitor, Fenopy.

Developing Leecher was an interesting experience, and I did not expect that the product would see the light of the day, so it was very gratifying to see that the project I have invested the time and resources into to released and that there are a lot of people who think that the program is useful. I am looking forward to develop future versions that will bring the application to another level. For example

What’s New In?

It’s time to take the boredom out of windows-based office, a single Download Leecher will be able to distribute and decrypt any URL-encoded link and vice versa.

Exactly what is so good about it?
Simple, there is no need to create many separate login pages or Registration forms.
The people who want to get the file will find out what the password is simply by inspecting the source code of the generated page.

Additional Information

We have tested the setting with the default encryption options (Standard) and the key was stored in the registry. If the user wants to change the encryption method, he has to go into the control panel and change the default setting to Custom.

No one at home will ever know what the downloaded file is, because the download link will be decrypted only when the user gets to the public area where a list of all the decryption keys will be shown.

This program is available for MS Windows and Apple Macintosh.

We have noticed that people are not generally aware that their privacy is at risk when it comes to sharing files, links and any other form of information they might come across on the Internet.

The Team that created this application has deliberately developed it with no exceptions because they understand that the potential victim of cyber attacks and hacking is the privacy of the human beings that has been violated and information they think is private is actually not.

There is a program available called SPYWALK that is specifically designed to reveal private information and the only way to stop it is to close the program and delete the files it has created, which is a delicate operation.

Download Leecher and SPYWALK if you don’t mind experiencing the pain of losing your data.

Download Leecher is designed to be used for education purposes only. We ask the users to publish information about this program and its project team on the internet so we can update the program and repair any identified defects.

And we ask for your help to propagate the project and to spread the word that it will not share any information about you.

Download Leecher license Key

License Of Download Leecher:

If you find this application valuable, we ask you to spread the word about this project by sharing it with your friends.

Download Leecher Privacy:

If you have downloaded this application and if you use the application you will be asked to grant us access to your personal information.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent; 2.4 GHz or faster recommended
Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB for full game)
Graphics: Radeon or Nvidia 3D video card with 256 MB or more RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes:

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