Fifa 22 [2022]


Real-Life Player Models

Real-life player models have been improved across the board in FIFA 22. All of the players are now more detailed than ever. A greater number of player faces and facial expressions have been added to make it easier for players to appear like themselves in game. Players have been given improved proportions to make them appear more natural in game.

A new graphics engine has also been developed to make live player tracking more effective and realistic. The advanced new graphics engine includes an all-new player model, skin and appearance system, and unprecedented AI.

A new player model is a key aspect of the FIFA experience. Now in its ninth year, the FIFA model has been given a complete overhaul across the game. From the way players breathe to the way they look – the face, eyes, hair, posture, body and even their muscle tone – the new player model adds significantly to the authenticity of the game.

Better Careers

FIFA 22 will introduce an improved career system. Career Progression will take your club to new heights. New Presets and Tips will help players understand their new club better. Player’s Impact rating is also improved.

Career Progression

Your club’s progression in Career Progression will take it from strength to strength. Clubs will continue to gain experience as players improve. This can be used to generate new game elements such as more premium players and contracts.

New Presets and Tips

Your players will be given specific feedback on how to improve their skills with the new Presets and Tips system. Players can respond to their new feedback with options including Training, Injury and Tactics. This is a major improvement over FIFA 17 where players had to guess at what their coach or scout recommended. Now they will be prompted with preset tips and suggested improvements.

Player’s Impact Rating (PIR)

FIFA 22 will introduce an improved Player’s Impact Rating (PIR). The system adds player- and club-specific attributes to your team that will influence the way your players perform and your opponents perceive them.

Improved On-Ball AI

Simulating live action is no small feat. FIFA 22 is able to do this using a brand new AI technology. This makes simulated games more responsive to players and more authentic. With an intelligent off-ball AI, your players will be able to read the game and play to their strengths.

Scout Improvement

A new


Features Key:

  • Brand new Career mode featuring new modes to challenge even the best managers.
  • Brand new online experience that lets you play both FIFA and UEFA modes in the same session.
  • Three massively enhanced multiplayer online modes with new action/player creation options and authentic feeling in real-time matches.
  • Brand new Presentation.
  • NEW PREMIUM VIDEO CONTROLLER – Take control with a new set of buttons. PS4’s D-Pad \ L2/R2 handles camera, while the 4-way Navigation Pad \ X on buttons lets you enjoy a full-screen action view of the pitch.
  • Enhanced FIFA Rewards – A comprehensive new system lets players stand out online. Earn XP along with rewards to help unlock player attributes, such as dribbling, heading and passing skills.
  • New Player Card \ Old video game legends, manufactured in authentic FIFA 22 strips.
  • New Heading/Foot Movement – A smoother neck-pillowy experience. Players achieve even greater control.
  • New Overhead Technique – Let the players feel the move and play the ball on the chest.
  • New Master League – Build your Dream team in the Master League and compete against club teams and even the best managers in the world.
  • New Online Seasons – Join a community for hardcore tactical competition where you can play and test out new strategies and tactics from the comfort of your home.
  • New Player Ratings – Get an overview of players’ strengths and weaknesses from day 1, including dribbling, heading, passing and tackling.
  • Instant Skill Points – Quickly put points on any player’s rating.
  • Random Skill Points – Scenario randomly puts points onto player ratings.
  • Online Challenges – Work together or compete for a bounty of rewards in online challenges. Win enough and you can progress to face off against real players online.


Fifa 22 With Key

The official videogame of soccer, FIFA gives the sports simulation community the chance to play, compete and celebrate the beautiful game. FIFA delivers authentic-looking match-day environments on all platforms. Whether you are competing in PES or a club championship, FIFA covers the entire game. Fans of all ages, including children, can enjoy and play FIFA online. People of all backgrounds, including non-soccer fans, are becoming increasingly involved in the sport. With a global fan base of more than 260 million players and an estimated audience of more than 2.5 billion fans, FIFA offers more opportunities than ever before to experience the greatest sporting competition in the world.

What’s new for FIFA?

The game offers the most control over the players’ movement during the most demanding moments on the pitch. Tactical players will take on a more natural, intuitive and even more accurate approach to the game. For the first time ever, players can freely control the pitch’s surface and see the effects of their actions with precision. And the pitch plays a central role in a number of key game modes, including the all-new FUT Draft mode.

The game’s easy to learn, hard to master controls have been refined for an improved, more enjoyable soccer experience. The controls have been completely redone with improved responsiveness, with a new “Snap” button that allows players to pre-aim their shot or pass.

The goalkeepers have also been given more detailed and realistic AI. These goalkeepers will stop shots on-line during gameplay, making life on the pitch that much more interesting.

In addition, clubs all over the world can now be customized with the introduction of a brand-new feature: liveries, the latest hot trend among players and soccer enthusiasts. Not only does liveries allow players to customise their club’s look on the pitch, it unlocks special rewards, including kits, player gear, and other in-game prizes.

FIFA 22 includes the most authentic-looking stadiums in the game series, with each stadium now featuring over 1,000 unique assets. The game’s game world is now also 50% larger, allowing for more detail.

FUT Draft

FIFA Draft is an exciting and innovative new mode that incorporates the unique strengths of the Ultimate Team concept into the FIFA experience. The mode pits you against your opponents in head-to-head matchups for a chance to make the best Ultimate Team on the global leader


Fifa 22 Torrent (Activation Code) PC/Windows

Play on your own terms as a real-world pro by training and developing your Squad. Build your dream Team from over 30 players from around the world, and compete in FIFA Ultimate Team matches to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards.

MYCAREER – Show your journey off to the world in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 18 where you can create and share your own customised MYCAREER Moments. Upload your highlight reels to the MyClub App or Facebook with FIFA 18 to be viewed by your friends, fans, and the world.

Pro Team –
Whether your the best of the best or just want to represent your favourite club, play from the start of a game with over 200 clubs representing over 30 leagues around the world. Choose your country, kit, and manager. Then put together your own team and play to your strengths, achieve and improve your team each season.

FIFA Mobile –
Play from the start of a game with over 200 players across six different leagues including the English Premier League, Chinese Super League and much more. Perform new tricks, shows, and challenges as you compete in special interactive Championships and minigames.

Dangers –
Dangers is a minigame-based card battle card game between teammates. You play against your friend on a single card game board. Once you advance to the next card, you get a new card and play against a new friend. There are three phases in the card battle card game: Card Processing, Card Encounter, and Card Catching.

1.Card Processing – Your card is scanned by a computer and sent to the computer game board. The computer and the card game board will see the card in 3D. The computer will then have the ability to read the card’s text and images and take actions based on the information. There are six types of actions that the computer can take in a card battle card game: Trade, Recover, Replacement, Disenchantment, Revelation, or Recycle. There is a computer card battle card game board that has 6 types of skills that the computer card battle card game can use to play the card battle card game.

2.Card Encounter – Your card is next seen by the card battle card game board. Your teammate’s card has six types of skills that he can use to play against you. You will choose one card battle card game for you to battle against the computer teammate’s card. If your teammate doesn’


What’s new:

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