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Start as a Roblox character creator! Create your own unique avatar with tons of face paint, clothing, hair styles, and accessories! Once you’re ready, choose from an endless supply of games!
• Play over 100 million player-created and rated online games!
• Game server backup! You can play your games even if your Roblox experience crashes or is lost.
• Extremely easy to use game creator and editing tools!
• Run your games offline! (Requires an internet connection when creating.)
• Create all kinds of games, from time-management challenges to multiplayer racing games to games about friendship!
The first ever look at the new Roblox experience on your mobile device with Roblox Party! Roblox Party is a game where players can meet other Roblox users in the real world!
Check out this video to see the party side of Roblox!
The ability to play your games offline! Play your favorite games on your mobile device while in another country.
New features and improvements to your Account Management section in your Account settings!
The ability to play Roblox games offline! (Requires an internet connection when creating.)
This update improves your overall overall experience of Roblox.
Read the full change log for more information.
This update improves your overall overall experience of Roblox. This is a major update that brings additional improvements to your overall Roblox experience. It is part of our continued effort to make Roblox the best place to play games with friends.
In this update:
· Fix for bugs with the addition of CityGems to your account
· New game server backend maintenance
· Other improvements and bug fixes
IMPORTANT: The changes in this release do not affect the first time you launch the app.
If you have problems with the application after downloading this update, please delete your downloaded version and download the update from the App Store to get the latest stable version.
Roblox has improved many parts of the app since this release, and we recommend that you download the latest version for the best experience.
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