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Learn about Calorie Density – Eat the healthiest foods you can find

Eat the healthiest foods you can find that are low in calories but high in weight and volume.

Studies show that if you eat a cup of food that is under 100 calories before a meal, you will end up eating more than 100 fewer calories for the meal. (You fill up your tummy with low cal. food, so you get fuller faster.)

Eat foods highest in fiber and water. Fiber creates a chemical chain reaction that ends in telling our brain we’re full.

Chicken consumption is shown over and over to be associated with weight gain. Beans are a much lower cal. source of protein that help stabilize your blood sugar even in the meals after you ate the beans. Stable blood sugar assists in weight loss too, so adding beans is helpful in many ways. Turkeys are so fat they can’t reproduce normally. The amount of fat found in poultry today is way, way, way higher than normal.

Get rid of as much sugar, oil, and salt from your diet as possible. They make you want to overeat food and are also bad for your health.

Don’t think carbs are bad or fat is bad, and understand it’s the type of food that matters. For instance, ground flaxseeds, walnuts, and avocado are high in fat but are healthful. Don’t overeat them, as they will be high calories, but eat a small amount of healthy high fat foods like seeds or nuts (maybe 1/4 c or so daily). White flour or processed carb foods are unhealthful and weight promoting. Switch any food you get that contains grains to whole grain foods. Learn to read all labels. Whole, intact grains are the most healthful grains and they get digested slower so are best for weight loss and health.

Oshwyn5 had the best advice. Keto is not a healthy or safe diet, especially long term.

Sample day of eating for a healthy weight:

Drink tea or water throughout the day

Breakfast: Oat groats or other whole grains (quinoa, farro, millet) for breakfast with blueberries and yacon syrup for sweetener if needed, with soy milk (soy milk for its cancer protective benefits)

Snack if needed. Suggestions: fruit, a few nuts, carrot sticks and peppers with hummus, fruit smoothie with greens (spinach, kale), or toast with avocado.

Lunch: 4 cups salad–arugula, purple cabbage, artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, etc, with straight vinegar for dressing (balsamic vinegar or fruit vinegar).


Dinner: Burrito–whole wheat or corn tortilla, black beans, small amount of cheese or vegan cheese heated up in a pan with lid. Then add what you like: spinach, tomatoes, salsa, avocado, cilantro, onion.

It would be really, really hard to be overweight eating like that.

Look for no or low salt/sugar/oil recipes for dessert. Sweet potato brownies are great.

If you want, use Chronometer to log what you eat, but if you’re eating mostly veggies and fruit with beans, whole grains, and a small amount of healthy fat foods, you won’t need to count calories.

I’m assuming you’ll keep eating animals, but if not, you’ll need to supplement with b12, and even if you are, you may still need a b12 supplement.

My grandmother lost over 80 lbs in her 90’s eating this way, and got off her handful of medications.

You may want to watch videos online by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Dean Ornish, or Dr. Michael Klaper.

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