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Netstat Viewer represents a graphical user interface for the netstat (network statistics) command-line tool, which displays incoming and outgoing network connections, network interfaces and network protocol statistics. The tool addresses power users, such as network administrators.
This is a portable application, so you can run the executable file from any location on the computer. Since there is not installer included, you can save Netstat Viewer to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit and get network statistics on any workstation.
An important aspect to take into account is that Netstat Viewer does not add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, as it usually happens with installers, so a basic file deletion is enough to remove all traces.
The GUI is represented by a single window where network statistics are automatically listed at initialization. You can refresh this list any time by clicking the Update button.
Shown details include the protocol, local address and port number, remote address and port, along with the status for each TCP connection. Sorting data is possible by clicking one of these columns to base it on.
Unfortunately, Netstat Viewer does not include additional options. For instance, you cannot copy information to the Clipboard, print it, or export it to file for further scrutiny.
The small-sized application runs on very low amount of CPU and RAM, thus it doesn't interrupt user activity. It has a good refresh rate and works smoothly on newer operating systems, although it has not been updated for a very long time. All in all, Netstat Viewer proves to be a good replacement for the netstat command-line utility, without supplying additional features.







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– Shows network statistics
– Can be used from a USB drive
– Portable application
Netstat Viewer Features:
– Interface for the netstat command line tool
– Shows TCP connections
– Displays list of network interfaces
– Displays list of IP addresses and ports
– Displays list of DNS servers
– Displays list of MAC addresses
– Displays list of network statistics
– Displays information on network protocols
– Choose from 16 different languages
Netstat Viewer Requirements:
– Windows 2000
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
Netstat Viewer Installation:
– Unzip Netstat Viewer using WinRAR
– Run Netstat Viewer.exe
– You should see the list of network statistics

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Netstat Viewer Crack License Key (2022)

Requires.NET Framework 3.5 or higher and runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and higher.

Requires a runtime environment, such as NET Framework 3.5 or higher and Windows 7 or higher, downloaded separately.

Needs about 15MB of free disk space to operate.

From the developer:

Netstat Viewer is a utility that displays outgoing and incoming connections to and from any host on the network.

It also displays the status of all the TCP connections.

You can sort the data by columns including: IP address, host name, port number, status, remote address, remote port and local address.

An advanced feature allows you to filter the list of connections based on the protocol.

Netstat Viewer features:

Runs directly from the command line, Windows Explorer and other shell windows.

Displays details on active network connections and network interfaces for remote hosts.

Displays the details on other socket states.

Displays the data on remote hosts connected through remote IP addresses.

Displays the status for all the TCP connections on the local machine.

Allows to copy the data to the clipboard and also export it to TXT, CSV, HTML or XML format files.

Shows a real-time list of connected hosts.

Shows information about forwarded and orphaned connections.

Modified: 28 Apr 2015

Platforms: Windows

What’s new in this version:

Added web page to download and download the.NET Framework runtime.

Added web page to download and download the user interface.

Added web page to download the executable version of the program.

Added information about the updates version.

Added information about the license.

Added information about the program size.

Added information about the developer.

Added information about the support (contact addresses).

Modified: 28 Apr 2015

Total downloads:


Downloads last week:


Product ranking:


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Netstat Viewer

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What’s New In?

Developed and published by Moisculptor.
Versions: v2.6.0.2
Reviews: 4

Network Stat Viewer (Network Monitor for Windows) is a network statistics tool for Windows that displays incoming and outgoing network connections, network interfaces and network protocol statistics.
It addresses power users, such as network administrators.
Network Stat Viewer is a replacement for netstat.
It doesn’t add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, as it usually happens with installers, so a basic file deletion is enough to remove all traces.
You can use Network Stat Viewer to:
Show network statistics for all TCP connections.
Refresh network statistics on-the-fly.
Sort data by any column.
Filter data by specific protocol or IP address.
Copies data to the clipboard for easy pasting.
Export data to Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML or PDF format.
Pro-level features:
Show TCP connections statistics for all applications
Filter TCP connections by protocol or IP address
Export TCP connections to HTML and PDF format
Combine network stat viewing into one window, open several connections and switch between view and detail mode
Show network connections by protocol
Show network interfaces by protocol
Show all IP addresses within ranges
Show all network hardware status (up/down)
Show network TCP streams related to applications
Show TCP streams by source or destination IP address
Get a detailed view of TCP streams, including detailed information about the packet headers
Network Stat Viewer is small, fast, and has no unneccessary dependencies. So it can be used on all operating systems. Network Stat Viewer can store information about 100 TCP streams. You can get the full overview of a single connection, or view more details of a single stream.
Network Stat Viewer operates in two modes: view and detail mode. View mode shows you the whole connection in a single window.
In detail mode, you can view the detailed statistics of each stream.
There is no system requirement for Network Stat Viewer.
Network Stat Viewer uses about 1 Mb of RAM and 8 Mb of disk space.
Network Stat Viewer has been tested on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, XP with XP-era add-ons and Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000 and Windows CE devices.
Network Stat Viewer can be used as a Windows service, so it’s able to operate in background mode and refresh statistics

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9.2
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
USB 2.0 port
Optical port
HDMI port
Internet connection
All orders come with a one year warranty from April 1, 2015 and full technical support through May 31, 2015. If you


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