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New food trend snackification: can you lose weight with it?

“Snackification describes the change in eating culture at the meal level,” is how nutrition researcher Hanni Rützler describes the new trend in an interview with ‘Stern’.

Like our everyday life nowadays, the pace accelerates when it comes to food. There is often no time left for classic meals, which is why it makes sense to eat mini-meals when there is a time window for them.

Snacks, but healthy

Many people associate snacks with a desire for something sweet or unhealthy nibbles. In modern food culture, however, snacks are about much more.

Chips and sugary granola bars are being replaced by protein-rich and healthy alternatives.

According to Rützler, burgers, ramen and bowls are among the most popular snacks. But tapas, mezze and wraps are also very popular – the main thing is to enjoy them in a balanced and conscious way.

The body is happy about small meals

Snackification-themed meals are not only nutritious and light. Due to the smaller quantities, the new snacking has a positive effect on the stomach and intestines. The high quality of the food also makes digestion easier.

The food trend is influenced by culinary delights from all over the world. This will make you more open to new tastes and ingredients.

Snacking is not only healthy, it is also fun because you keep getting to know new international dishes.

Snackification: The end of food cravings

With smaller snacks in between, which you have already prepared in the best case, you can avoid food cravings. Mini meals are usually healthier and keep you full for a long time with foods rich in protein, which can help you lose weight.

Since this modern form of eating culture is not tied to fixed times, you can listen carefully to your body and your feeling of hunger.

Still, you should make sure to get enough nutrients and calories and eat one large meal at least once a day.

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