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No success in losing weight? 7 mistakes that stunt your metabolism

It’s darned. Some people can eat what they want and they won’t gain weight.

For many, however, excess kilos accumulate in the problem areas in record time. How is that possible?

Your metabolism, also known as metabolism, decides whether you gain weight quickly or not.

During these chemical and physical processes in the body, food components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins are converted into various end products.

Avoid these seven mistakes

Factors like genes, age, and gender all affect how well your metabolism works. But your diet and your physical activity are also important influencing factors.

If you feel like your metabolism is on the back burner, then you should avoid the following 7 mistakes – namely, they inhibit your fat metabolism.

1. You eat too much sugar

Cookies, cakes, gummy bears and the like are not only unhealthy, they also cripple your metabolism. The reason for this is the abundant sugar content.

After consuming such a sugar bomb, the blood sugar level in the body rises rapidly and the pancreas releases insulin. The hormone moves sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. In the end, it can happen that too little sugar remains in the blood.

Food cravings are the result. The risk that you will reach for unhealthy fattening foods at that moment is high and you are already in a vicious circle.

2. Irregular meal times

Do you often skip breakfast or do ‘dinner canceling’? This shouldn’t become a habit.

If you eat irregularly, your metabolism slows down. In order for your body to work efficiently, it needs nutrients on a regular basis.

If you also give it too few calories, it switches to economy mode. For this reason, radical diets in which you consume extremely little energy are also not recommended.

3. Too little protein in the diet

Nuts, eggs, meat and legumes have one thing in common: They contain a lot of protein and can therefore speed up your metabolism.

Because the body has to use a lot of energy to break down proteins into their components.

Another plus: Protein-rich foods keep muscles healthy and keep you feeling full for a long time.

4. You are not drinking enough water

Water stimulates digestion, has no calories and reduces hunger pangs. For a well-functioning metabolism, you should consume at least 1.5 liters of water or herbal tea.

If you drink too little, metabolic processes run slower.

5. Alcohol inhibits the metabolism

Regardless of whether it is a glass of sparkling wine, three Cuba Libre or a liter of beer: alcohol hampers your metabolism, as a result, your body stores fat more quickly.

In addition, alcoholic beverages provide plenty of calories, and it is not uncommon for them to contain a lot of sugar. If the latter is the case, the blood sugar level rises in record time, as already described.

6. You eat too much fast food

Burgers, fries, currywurst and other fast foods contain few nutrients, but a lot of saturated fatty acids. These ensure sluggish digestion and prevent carbohydrates and fats from being efficiently broken down into their components.

Tip: Replace French fries with vegetable fries and the burger bun with a wholemeal bun.

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7. Too little exercise

If you sit in the office all day, you should compensate for the lack of exercise at the end of the day and at the weekend.

Because little physical activity inhibits the metabolism in the long term and can therefore promote weight gain.

That means: Move as much as possible in everyday life, take the stairs instead of the elevator and do sports regularly.

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