Pinnacle TitleDeko Pro

Pinnacle TitleDeko Pro

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Pinnacle TitleDeko Pro

The DV500 series was nothing short of the most sophisticated digital video recorder ever built. It was used from 1998-2000 to field test 3D conversion, real-time global and local motion tracking, and stereo imaging and then we placed it into storage. Since then, Pinnacle has continued its path of innovation in real-time imaging with the introduction of four digital video apps.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE delivers results which are second to none in global real-time motion tracking, accurate exposure metering, intuitive control of multiple apps via a single USB port. It is sophisticated editing system which a desktop video editor can build an entire show from. And it is affordable.

Additionally, Pinnacle’s intuitive control of cameras and lenses, the ability to sync the camera directly to timecode, and virtual control of the creative process are all the hallmarks of the platform used by professional motion picture and television editors around the world.

To power this, Pinnacle Pro-ONE sports a dual Raspberry Pi , using a combination of MIPS and PLDs technology and a HDMI audio extension to deliver uncompressed audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos, to any HDMI compatible display including 4K or 60Hz projectors and monitors.

Alas, not everything is free in life! TitleDeko is not a free software and is not included with a DV500 PLUS. You have to buy it separately (free registration is required to download the software) and you have to give it some time to make it work. Luckily, it works right away and doesnt need any extra steps (like its companion software).

the dv500 from pinnacle systems has been the solution of choice for thousands of desktop video editors around the world. pinnacle has always been at the forefront of affordable, real-time digital video in this new age of pc editing. its no surprise that its flagship prosumer product, the dv500, was improved and resurfaced as the dv500 plus: a single, 32-bit pci board with breakout box and software bundle.
titledeko rt is an additional titler that comes with the dv500 plus, along with the standard premiere titler and adobes inscriber. titledeko rt is a broadcast-quality titler that gives you precise control over graphic text. with an ntsc preview function, titledeko makes quick work of adding titles without having to go back and forth to tweak placement and to check for color compatibility with on-screen content. lastly, pinnacle impression cd pro lets you author mpeg-2 video files to cd.
pinnacle studio 9 the world’s top-selling software video editor just got a whole world better! more info pinnacle liquid edition 5.5 pinnacle liquid edition is the most powerful and comprehensive video editing and dvd authoring solution available today. new features include liquid cx color correction, dynamic slow motion, and the ability to edit in a networked workgroup environment. more info pinnacle liquid edition productivity pack top off your postproduction tool kit with the all new pinnacle liquid edition productivity pack. this comprehensive professional software bundle includes award winning products commotion pro, hollywood fx pro, impression dvd pro, and titledeko pro.


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