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RedFX was developed as an easy-to-use and accessible FX processor. It is mainly designedfor guitars.
Among the available effects we can find a Noise Filter, Compressor, Wah, Distortion, Tremolo, Phaser, Flanger-Vibrato, Pitch Shifter, Delay, Reverb and EQ.







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RedFX is intended to be used as an effects processor in electric guitars, although it can also be used with other instruments, drums, or vocals.
In brief, it provides a means of adding some interesting effects to a signal in order to change it, or perhaps emphasize the sound in different ways.
As a modern application of the venerable tube and tape delay, RedFX provides a great wealth of tone generation options in very simple controls.
Adding effects to a guitar amp can be very effective in giving it a more interesting sound, and if used correctly, RedFX can greatly increase the effectiveness of the amp’s tonal characteristics.
• At the heart of RedFX is the incredible technology from the famous Amplitube.
• The sound of the amplitube tube circuit is reproduced in a digital signal processor (DSP).
• RedFX is based on a main feature called equalization.
• Thanks to a simple three-band equalizer, you can change the tonal characteristics of any sound.
• In addition, there are other features, such as pitch shifter, amp simulator, delay, tremolo, and much more.
• RedFX is a very powerful effects processor and can be used in any context.
• RedFX is a fully multitimbral effects processor.
• There are 10 easily accessible controls: Filter, Comp, Distortion, Wah, Tremolo, Phaser, Flanger-Vibrato, Delay, Pitch Shifter and EQ.
• There are five types of oscillator: Saw, Square, Pulse, Pulse width, and Sin.
• There are three classic types of filter: Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass.
• There are two types of modulation: LFO and Gate.
• There are two types of controller: Pitch Bend and Modulation.
• There are two types of FX Gain: Normal and Remote.
• There are four types of Reverb: Ambience, Hall, Room and Plate.
• RedFX has a powerful stereo graphic equalizer.
• There is an Amp simulator based on the true analog behavior of the original amp.
• RedFX is controlled by a touch strip in two or three screens, depending on the interface.
• There are no hardware controls.
• RedFX is compatible with almost any type of guitar or other instrument.
• There is a built-in memory and a USB port.
• There is a 12-page tutorial.

RedFX Download

Switch to enable and disable Effects.
NEXT Song: selects the next track in the playlist.
PREV Song: selects the previous track in the playlist.
Selection: allows you to select a track in the playlist.
Search: performs a search in the library.
Display current and total selected tracks: displays the current selected tracks and total selected tracks.
Bookmark: lets you bookmark a track.
LIVE mode: allows you to play songs live, without loading.
Loop: repeats the current track.
Reverse playback: reverses the playback of the selected track.
Crossfade: fadesthe current track.
Alter fader: changes the volume of the selected track.
Stereo mode: switches between stereo mode and mono mode.
DUMB mode: activates the DUMB function.
Blow Out: activates the Blow Out function.
Mute: activates the Mute function.
Turn on/off modulation: allows you to turn the modulators on/off.
Transpose: transposes the selected track.
Tempo: sets the bpm of the selected track.
Tempo + Key: sets the bpm and the key of the selected track.
Play: plays the selected track.
Stop: stops the selected track.
Speed: slows down the selected track.
Realtime: makes the selected track play realtime.
Random: selects a random track from the playlist.
Repeat: repeats the selected track.
Repeat All: repeats all the tracks in the playlist.
Random All: selects a random track from the library and then plays all the remaining tracks.
If the selected track is a playlist, the next track from the playlist is selected.
If the selected track is a random track from the library, the random track is selected.
To the left of the track is the volume of the track and to the right is the time.
If the selected track is DUMB, all the functions of the FX processor are disabled.
Changes in the menu are highlighted in green.
NOTE: All the changes are deleted when you close the menu.
(Up Arrow) – 4 – Up Arrow : selects the previous track in the playlist.
(Down Arrow) – 6 – Down Arrow : selects the next track in the playlist.
(Play) – 5 – Play : plays the selected track.

RedFX Crack + Free (Updated 2022)

Based on the famous Align X3 FX Processor, RedFX does not aim to be a complete replacement for the older Align FX but to offer an easy way for people without graphic skills or professional knowledge to get more out of their guitar.

What’s new in RedFX 1.5.0:

RedFX 1.5.0 is an update for RedFX 1.4.1

The format of the REDFX folder has changed for compatibility with the REDFX OS 6.0.1

RedFX 1.5.0 works on 64-bit Windows

MacOSX support has been added with RedFX OS 6.0.1

RedFX OS 6.0.1 has been updated to support MacOSX and the redfx-X64 version

RedFX now uses the UHS-1 memory card format

What’s new in RedFX 1.4.1:

The RedFX Music Synthesizer 1.4.1 adds a Noise Gate, a Chorus and a Compressor effect. It is able to run as a plugin for a host software (macOS, Windows or Linux). It can be used alone or in unison with an external synthesizer. It is also now able to work with digital guitars, which has been possible in the redfx-X64 version since version 1.3.2.

What’s new in RedFX 1.3.2:

The RedFX Music Synthesizer 1.3.2 is a free update for version 1.3.1. It has the same features as the new RedFX Music Synthesizer 1.3 and can run as a plugin for a host software. It can be used alone or in unison with an external synthesizer.

The new version works with digital guitars in the redfx-X64 version.

What’s new in RedFX 1.3.1:

The RedFX Music Synthesizer 1.3.1 adds a Compressor and a Wah effect. It is able to run as a plugin for a host software (macOS, Windows or Linux). It can be used alone or in unison with an external synthesizer. It is also able to play chords and solos, which has been possible since version 1.1.1.

What’s new in RedFX 1.2.0:

The RedFX Music Synt

What’s New In?

System Requirements:

Windows 10
Processor: 2.5 GHz Core i3, 3.0 GHz Core i7 or better
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 5 GB available space
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with at least 512 MB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection required.
Multi-core processors are recommended to get the best performance.
Minimum Requirements:
Processor: 1.6 GHz Core i3, 2.0 GHz Core i5 or better

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