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Escape to the huge world of Fantasy in a world where open fields with a variety of situations coexist with huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
★ Create your own character
In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
★ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
★ Unique online gameplay that loosely connects you to others
In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
★ Enjoy thrilling battle scenes that present the battle sequences of many previous games
Enjoy breathtaking battle scenes in various battlefields and areas. Not just small one-on-one fights, you can engage in real-time cooperative team battles and execute attacks with your allies, making for some truly breathtaking moments.
★ Check out our game service and game content on a variety of platforms, including Steam®
For Steam® users, you can purchase the game or the online game content through a variety of platforms. You can also search for and check the game content on other platforms, such as the PS4® Store, and the App Store.

※ Note: Localization is performed separately by each platform.
★ Note: We do our best to provide the best online experience at launch, but please note that this may be compromised during the development of other additional content. If you encounter any issues with online play, we hope that you will get in contact with us by visiting:

We specialize in online games and have been running the DRAGONFLIGHT GAME SERVICE since 2017, ensuring players enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling game experience every time. We provide convenience for users and a stable online environment for those in the gaming industry. By providing the service that can access the real market and deliver the game quality that users want, we are able to achieve success.


Features Key:

  • A Vast World – Enjoy a vast open world where you travel to locations, explore,
    and undergo quests. The game seamlessly connects locations and endures quests
    while you enjoy the experience of traveling freely.
  • A Unique Dungeon Content – Enjoy the feeling of getting lost in a dungeon that has
    a variety of complex layouts and contains elements of three dimensions.
    Collect and fuse the numerous Element that you encounter, and fight on in this
    unique dungeon content.
  • Control Others – Use your mind to influence and play with others, from
    earning their agreement to preparing their movements to complement your own.
    Begin your adventure as a Command Slave, then steadily increase your levels
    and become a Sovereign Lord. There are boundless possibilities in the Unexplored Lands
  • We are currently taking applications for people to join us in our mission to
    create these great games!

    Apply now!

    Theme assets: 

    Fri, 07 Aug 2014 20:14:48 +0000sw9623 at a Hero, Now a Rabid Lunatic: The Chase

    The game of the Elden Ring title that has been highly anticipated by fans for a long time has finally been released!

    Fans of the Elden Ring have a brand new game! ㅠ

    Travel through the vast world, in the asynchronously connected online world. ㅠ

    The world of the Elden Ring is overflowing with excitement. ㅠ

    Various dungeons await you, and various items will be collected and possessed. ㅠ

    And of course, when you’re not adventuring, you can enjoy it as a fantasy RPG! ㅠ

    The content of the game has been greatly increased. The main story can be enjoyed by every single player without needing to join together as a party. ㅠ

    In addition, you can enjoy a new “Elden Ring War Game”, where you can cooperate with friends and fight against your enemies. ㅠ

    The battle system has been improved and many new aspects have been added. ㅠ

    The main features of the game are:

    1. Asynchronous Multiplayer.
    As the game uses a shared server model, you can directly connect with other players in the same continent and chat together while playing the game. ㅠ

    2. Creating a Character
    By creating your character, you can freely change your appearance. ㅠ

    However, for the purpose of preventing accidental attacks, the maximum level of your character will be kept at 50. ㅠ

    3. Multiple Dungeons and Items
    You can have multiple dungeons and items, and you can freely unlock the new dungeons and items as you travel. ㅠ

    4. Battle System Improvements
    The battle system has been improved in various ways, and many new aspects have been added. ㅠ

    5. “Gods” that use Action Attacks and Enhancements
    Gods are members of the Elden Ring, and you can summon them. ㅠ

    As you increase your power, you can use their powers to enhance your own. ㅠ

    6. “Elden Ring War”
    We’re launching a new game that will allow you to fight with friends who have traveled in the same direction, and you can also fight with enemies who are traveling in a different direction. �


    Elden Ring Crack + Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

    In addition to saving the Lands Between, you will be able to guard the Castle, and eradicate monsters and raid other players.
    We are still working on the detailed battle system, so please try using the game for now.

    The graphics have been completely redesigned, and the revised battle system will be added in the game version update.

    Monster group skills are displayed on the action screen with a new fixed battle view.


    Progression system
    ◆ Prologue
    – The game begins after the monsters have completely cleared the World.
    ◆ Story
    – Become Tarnished through the trial of the monster
    ◆ Hero
    – Character growth by fighting opponents in the game
    – You can choose who is the Elden Lord in the world.
    ◆ Online play
    – Create a party with other players and battle monsters in a party system
    – You can play together with others in 2P and 3P
    – Experience points are gained by defeating monsters
    – You can experience the story by progressing through new game content
    ◆ NPC communication
    – Talk to the NPC who has been assigned to the party
    ◆ Equipment
    – Purchase and equip weapons, armor, and gear to strengthen your character
    ◆ Battle system
    – Battle with the weapon corresponding to the command you pressed on the action screen

    More graphics
    ◆ Character model
    – New character model and body added
    ◆ Armor
    – New costumes and effects have been added
    ◆ New room design
    – New room design and room layouts
    ◆ Monster group effects
    – Many battles feature new monster group skills that will appear
    ◆ New environment
    – New environment types and effects
    ◆ New water
    – New water effects
    – New rain
    – New watermark effects
    ◆ Music
    – Remake of the game music system
    – New music has been added
    ◆ Sound effects
    – New sound effects
    ◆ Interface
    – Detailed graphics and UINancy Reagan’s legacy: A candlelight vigil to mark 40 years of the Gipper’s death

    Wednesday, February 2, 2013

    By Jon KettlesFor The Daily Herald

    For decades, the Reagan years provided what people wanted to talk about — favorite movies, vacation destinations, news of their favorite performers.

    But for as many years after his death, his family preferred to keep to themselves the private moments of the former president’s final moments


    What’s new:

    PSN game Hellsgate: Resurrection will be released worldwide on the PlayStation Store on December 22, 2011!

    ※ A message appeared in-game when you joined the server.We apologize for this and would like to apologize to those who were looking forward to accessing the game.

    Come and Play

    For more information on the game, visit >

    Hellsgate: Resurrection comes with SRPG elements such as high speed battle and dialogues. It is also packed with an exciting story told in fragments.

    When you battle a monster in the game, a chain reaction of monster attacks will take place. Every monster you defeat will be replaced by another, making this a constant game of monkey-see, monkey-do.

    You will travel the Lands Between, allowing you to choose to face the hordes of monsters with a strong character and use an arsenal of weapons for attacks, when you are an amnesiac who just awakened from a nightmare.

    With regard to gameplay, there are a variety of dungeons and quests to undertake, with a sophisticated story which intertwines the story of the past, with the story of the present, and the story of the future. Additionally, the game includes a diverse and rich life support system thanks to the incorporation of beautiful scenery.

    Furthermore, it is possible to hunt monsters, trade items with other characters, have a conversation with your trading partner, set up a partnership, or they will journey toward the common goal of your “dream.”

    With other players, you can make them feel like they are right beside you.

    Depending on the gameplay scenario, the development team has worked to ensure the fear evoked by mysterious circumstances appears in the characters and their actions. With these elements in mind, the battle and quest system


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    Note: If you encounter any error while installing or launching the game, please refer to the following steps:

    What’s New

    Version 1.02 (2 August 2016):

    Updated Save.

    Version 1.01 (27 July 2016):

    Updated Save.

    Version 1.00 (10 July 2016):

    This update includes the first major content update, coming with many new features.

    New Content

    Customize the appearance of your character.

    Unlock various accessories.

    The option to view the sprites in the character select screen.

    Added the option to view the skills in the character select screen.

    Added an option to change your character’s in-game costume.

    Added in-game events.


    Added events that require a particular item to be equipped.

    Added the “Use” button to the various skills.

    Added the function to display a detailed menu with the skills.

    Added the function to display the menu displaying the skills and accessories.

    Added various hidden items.


    Added accessories.

    Customize your own Weapon, Armor, and Shield.

    Added accessories.

    Added Accessories.

    Added accessories.

    Added accessories.

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