Salt substitute Miracles are Simple- It can save life

Salt substitute weighs about 3 1/8 ounces and costs about $3.50 per cylinder.
Regular salt sells for about a dollar a pound, so you can see immediately ‘salt-
substitute’ is something special.

I lost 14 pounds in less than 30 days substituting salt substitute for sprinkled
salt on any food I ate after I left the hospital. I have kept off the weight five years
later and lost even more. I started at 127 and am now weigh 103. I have a heart
condition and high blood pressure so my sodium count is critical because
without attention to intake I might die.

I consider  a medicine and a cheap one at that. Walmart sells
the product as do a few other retailers. It is available from Amazon though it’s
not sold as a typical product by most grocers (because of its cost I believe).

IF you seriously want to lose weight, start using ONLY salt-substitute (or nothing)
to sprinkle on your food. You will lose and maintain the loss.

American adults routinely abuse salt (sodium). A healthy level of daily intake is
about 2,500 mg daily, but we normally overdue that. People with health or weight
problems should restrict their intake to 1,500 mg. Oriental food and salted snacks
are the popular culprits. Even no-calorie sugar-sweeteners contain much sodium.
Toothpaste contains sodium. It all adds to the sodium abuse total. You do the
math. You decide whether you would rather remain heavy or not. But besides
your appearance, there is that ‘health’ concern. Doctors approve of salt-substitute
though their brand preferences vary. . .

Read food labels. Understand what to eat and avoid due to high sodium levels.
Canned soup and spicy foods besides snacks have high sodium.

Good health is no joke. Remember, cooks want their food to taste great and so will
forego some healthy habits in order to make tasty food. If you eat too much good
tasting food, you may overdue a sane sodium level. That’s all.

LEARNING to forego a ‘salted’ taste takes about six months It requires discipline.
Yes generally, unless you have a personal chef, food will become less tasty if you
reduce your sodium levels. But you’ll be healthier and look better, so there are some
benefits to wisdom. Like sweetness, reducing one’s ‘salty liking’ isn’t easy. Don’t
abandon salt and sugar abuses simultaneously. Use moderation to curb habits..

Good luck.

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