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Smoothies are very fast to make and can be extremely healthful

Smoothies are very fast to make, and can be extremely healthful. You can easily eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I assume you mix the powders you get with water, so, it wouldn’t be so different than what you’re having now, except it would be real food that is health promoting and filling.

Look up recipes online.

fruit smoothies

green smoothies

smoothies with nuts/seeds (flax great): higher fat

smoothies with beans: higher protein

I think you should also add whole grains. I personally haven’t added them to smoothies, but perhaps you could or you could find another way to like them.

I always tell my kids when they tell me they don’t like a food I gave them, “You don’t have to like it. You have to eat it.”

If you study nutrition, you may become more interested in eating. Nutritionfacts.org has info backed by thousands of scientific studies. You can search, for example, broccoli, and learn at an in-depth level why broccoli is healthy. You may start liking it more if you’re highly educated on the topic. Worked for me.

As a child, meat started to gross me out. Chewing on bones or picking out bones, getting chicken veins stuck in my teeth, or seeing fluid ooze out of a dead cow body became really gross. I became mostly vegetarian even though my family ate meat. Then as an adult, I was still really picky with food because things like cow milk, shrimp, and eggs, also had gross things about them (blood, puss, crunchy bodies). I’m now basically vegan, and I feel like I can eat whatever I want that is whole food plant based. It’s weird that being more restricted left me able to actually eat more diversely. I hope you figure it out. It does sound like you have some mental things going on that you can work on by looking at yourself and perhaps talking with friends.

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