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Stellarium Crack Free Download is a comprehensive utility that helps users explore planets and constellations in a 3D environment. This open-source planetarium gives you details about celestial objects, simulates solar and lunar eclipses, and displays Messier objects and the Milky Way.
Interactive 3D environment for celestial exploration
As soon as you run the application, it opens in full screen mode. With just one click on the sky, you can get details about the aimed object, namely type (e.g. star, double star, cluster associated with nebulosity), magnitude, galactic longitude and latitude, parallax, distance, spectral type, and angle.
Fill out information to examine specific objects
The objects can be viewed with the use of a telescope, which can be configured in terms of name, focal length and diameter. Plus, you can pick a location on the map and select the latitude, longitude, altitude and country to jump to it.
Examine past constellations easily
An interesting feature offered by this program is the possibility to travel back in time and see the constellations’ positions and other details on the sky. You only need to set the date and time in the dedicated dialogs, and Stellarium automatically generates projections from that period.
Show or hide specific objects
Furthermore, you can adjust the Milky Way brightness and make the program show the atmosphere, shooting stars and planet orbits, as well as view information about the celestial sphere (e.g. equatorial grid, cardinal points, Azimuthal grid).
Stellarium allows users to select the projection mode (fish-eye, cylinder, Mercator), view landscapes from different world locations and add new ones from ZIP archives, and learn about different sky cultures.
Resort to handy tools
You can perform searches for finding objects on the sky, navigate throughout the 3D environment with the use of keyboard shortcuts (which can be reassigned) or the mouse, toggle between daytime and nighttime, enable the ocular viewing mode, and view deep-sky objects.
Stellarium Specifications:
Key Features:
Full-featured 3D astronomy program.
Advantages over other planetarium software include:
Solves the problem of the lack of true 3D rendering on desktop and mobile devices.
Comprehensive analysis of the sky.
Amazing sky view mode.
Numerous pre-defined sky cultures.
Image fitter that removes the need to re-install images, while preserving the original ones

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Stellarium Crack With Serial Key [March-2022]

Stellarium is a comprehensive utility that helps users explore planets and constellations in a 3D environment. This open-source planetarium gives you details about celestial objects, simulates solar and lunar eclipses, and displays Messier objects and the Milky Way.

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What’s New In?

Stellarium is an interactive planetarium that provides users with a 3D rendering of the celestial sphere. It enables users to view details about specific objects, select the projection mode, view the night sky from various locations, and much more.
Main features:
* See where all constellations are located in the sky
* View detailed information about objects in the sky
* Set the projection mode
* Set the position of the sun, the stars, the moon, the planets, and the constellations
* Set the date and time
* Show the milky way
* Zoom in to stars and sun
* Set up a timezone
* See the name and description of stars
* Set up an astronomy database
* Create projections
* Create equatorial grid
* Draw graphs of stars
* Display a planet’s orbital plane
* Display constellations
* Display the Sun’s path
* Display zodiac constellations
* View the atmosphere
* View locations
* Locate deep-sky objects
* Set a view port to find objects
* See any celestial object in a specific location
* Set up a random location
* Draw latitude/longitude lines
* Change the projection
* Set the position of the moon
* Use the mouse to navigate the sky
* Control the ocular viewing mode
* Display shooting stars
* Display the orbits of planets
* Display night lights
* Set up an interactive display
* Use the keyboard to navigate the sky
* See other stars that might be interesting
* Set up filters for fast search
* Set up a timed search
* Navigate throughout the sky with the mouse
* Look up the moon’s position
* The system is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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