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That’s how many calories horror movies burn


When it comes to a diet, it is well known that, in addition to a healthy diet, a disciplined exercise program is important. Sitting lazily on the couch and watching a movie doesn’t fit into the concept – or does it?

Calorie killers in horror films

Goosebumps all over your body, your pulse beats, the adrenaline rushes into your veins – it is precisely these moments during a horror film that boost your metabolism.

And that’s how calories are burned. Films that contain a particularly large number of so-called ‘jumpscares’, i.e. moments in which the viewer is suddenly frightened, are particularly effective, according to the scientists.

In addition, the appetite is inhibited by the increased stress level.

To find out, the researchers around Dr. Richard Mackenzie recorded the pulse, oxygen uptake and CO2 emissions of ten test subjects who watched various horror films, and thus calculated the energy consumption.

These horror films burn a lot of calories

Using this data, they could then compile a list of films that were particularly high in calories.

The bloody horror thriller ‘Saw’ has around 133 calories, the classic ‘Alien’ can top it with 152 calories, viewers of ‘The Exorcist’ can burn over 158 and the audience of ‘Jaws’ over 161 burned Look forward to calories.

The winner is an award-winning classic: Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 psychological thriller ‘Shining’ took the top spot with 184 scared away calories.

So does that mean goodbye diet plan and fitness program? If you want to lose a few pounds, you can just indulge in a long horror film marathon instead of running one? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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Lose weight thanks to horror movies? It is not that easy

Looking slim – unfortunately that is too good to be true. Because if you take a closer look, you should notice that the calories burned in a horror film are just about the same as those on a small chocolate bar.

Exercise and a healthy diet can therefore still not be avoided.

If chips are also nibbled on while watching TV or nachos and popcorn are nibbled in the cinema, the effect is also gone again.

Nevertheless: The next horror movie night should be a little more fun with the knowledge of the few extra calories burned.

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