Weight Loss

The Battle is won in the Kitchen not the Gym

You can easily eat more calories in a day than you can burn. Unless you are a super athlete who works out eight or more hours a day , you are not going to burn anywhere near what you can eat.

You need to cut calories in.
Bulk up on the (essentially) calorie free non starchy vegetables.
Watch protein (excess protein gets converted to sugar and ammonia which then has to be converted to urea and excreted by liver and kidneys) , watch simple carbs (flour, sugar, bread…).
Switch from refined grains to whole grains and watch the portion size. Best to pair the whole grains with legumes and watch combined portion.
Drink water, not soda, not juice, not milk, not beer… just water; especially with meals.

Watch what you put on those salads, Best option is to find a low calorie low or fat free dressing. My favorite for store bought is low calorie (15 cal per tablespoon) fat free Italian thickened with acacia fiber. Mustard based dressings , salsa (check ingredients and calories though) and tatziki (cucumber yogurt dressing) are other good choices.

Add another vegetable to your plate , a non starchy one… A serving of meat (watch the size) a serving of wholegrains and legumes (watch the size) and two servings of veg (Meat plus three) ; but start with a big serving of salad.

Watch what you snack on. Have steamed vegetables and raw vegetables and salad mix ready for snacks. As much as possible, choose low to no calorie options for snacks.


Check on line.
Count your calories on all you eat.
Write it down daily.
Drink lots of water. Lots of water.
From the moment you get up all I do is drink water.
Eat once a day by week two and you will be full.

My main meal is a medium sized sweet potato about 100 calories and some cottage cheese another 100 calories. I buy low fat. I will put some salad oil on the food. No more salt. Lots of pepper.

Also I quit drinking in December. By Feb was down one pants size.

Now for the pain and trouble walking. Similar with me. Was hard to walk the dog some days.
Now loss weight and better intake of food and no liquor, the dogs walks are a pleasure.
I actually have energy to do stuff. Sleep only 6 hours a night.

I am moving this week to Arizona from Nevada. Will rejoin a Planet Fitness when the gyms and America reopens all business.

I will admit am 18 years younger than you.

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