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This vegan protein bar is our favorite snack!


Protein bars are particularly popular with athletes – and the protein kick makes sense in connection with training.

According to the consumer service, sufficient protein can also be ingested through food, but such a bar is a good choice for practical reasons: it can be stowed in any sports bag, does not spoil so quickly and can be enjoyed at any time if necessary.

Protein bars are a dime a dozen, but finding a bar with great values ​​that also supports you on the way to your dream body is not that easy.

FIT FOR FUN found a favorite in the protein bar test, which is of the highest quality and convinces with vegan ingredients.

This is our favorite protein bar

Primal Pantry Protein Bars


With protein to your dream figure

vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, without preservatives, additives, colorings, refined sugars, soy or vegetable oils
suitable for the paleo diet
The 55 gram bars contain 15 grams of protein

The advantages of The Primal Pantry High Protein Bar at a glance

  • only natural ingredients
  • simply delicious, in different flavors
  • rich in protein, high proportion of 26 percent valuable hemp proteins
  • vegan and gluten free

Primal Pantry offers its protein bars in numerous interesting flavors such as double espresso, mixed berries and chocolate brownie.

If you go for the protein bar more often and want to save on costs, it is best to take the box of 15 straight away, which reduces the price per bar from 2.76 euros (3-pack) to 2.08 euros. This is a crucial difference, especially with regular consumption.

Conclusion of the FIT FOR FUN editorial team:

The Primal Pantry High Protein Bar donates valuable protein as a snack in between, not only during exercise. Circulatory problems and food cravings can thus be avoided. This also helps when you lose weight or when you hold your bikini figure.

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That’s in the vegan protein bars

The main sources of protein in the bars are hemp and almonds. The manufacturer points out that hemp proteins are particularly rich and wholesome, as they contain all 20 amino acids. All ingredients are freshly processed, which makes the bar more juicy. The flavors would come into their own, regardless of which flavor you choose.

A special feature of the double espresso bar is that it contains an additional 146 milligrams of the pick-me-up caffeine per bar. The caffeine extract is obtained from the cocoa bean.

Valuable protein in a handy format

It contains 15 grams of hemp protein per bar, which, with a body weight of 75 kilograms, already covers around a quarter of the daily requirement of an active recreational athlete. For comparison: As an alternative to high-quality bars, you would otherwise have to drink around 375 milliliters of low-fat milk or eat three slices of whole-grain bread with low-fat quark. In the gym, reaching for the protein bar is definitely the better option.

The high quality of the bars justifies the slightly higher price compared to conventional protein foods. However, if you shop intelligently, the cost of the bars is limited. For example, “The Primal Pantry High Protein Bar” in a three-pack on amazon.de costs from 8.29 euros.

The combination of ingredients makes the difference

The Bavarian Consumer Service points out in its online portal that the pure protein content is not yet very meaningful. In order to process the proteins optimally, the time of consumption and the combination with other substances are also decisive. A period of up to three hours after the end of the sporting activity is therefore considered optimal for the additional protein kick, whether as a bar, powder or small meal. So there is enough time to first take a shower and recover from the exertion.

It is also advised to “always eat proteins in combination with carbohydrates”. The bars from Primal Pantry contain a good 20 grams of carbohydrates per bar, which corresponds to a value of a good 40 grams per 100 grams.

Products with high standards: who is behind Primal Pantry?

The company was founded a good seven years ago by the nutritionist Suzie Walker. To this day, she pursues the philosophy that ready-made foods are obsolete and that snacks, such as protein bars, should be “natural and real food”. She initially relied on nuts and then continued to develop the processing without resorting to chemical additives. She only uses “honest, simple ingredients that can be found in your own refrigerator”.

She also has a clear opinion about the prices of her artisanal high-quality products and explains on the company website: “We should stop asking ourselves why real food is so expensive and instead ask ourselves why processed foods are so cheap.” She even sees a revolution in the implementation of her ideals, the “Real Food Revolution”. The snacks are practical and tasty, but have nothing in common with industrial mass production.

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