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Tips to Lose 10 Pounds of Weight in Healthy Way

Losing 10 kilos is a big deal. We will tell you whether it can be done by you and which measures will work for you in the long term.Before you go to a weight loss mission, up to certain pounds, make sure you understand why you are going to do that. Is your desired weight is 10 kilos less?  And, if you want to do this role model, you have to be careful!

Losing weight is not easy. But when it comes to 10 kilos, the whole thing has to be sensible and feasible. Read this full article because here are some helpful tips which will make your fight against the extra weight easier.

What is the most important thing to lose 10 kilos in a healthy way?

Patience and self-confidence. Always keep in mind that you are a human being and not a machine that can be converted at will. 10 kilos are not equal to merely 10 kilos. Bigger than that. A heavily overweight woman gets rid of the 10 kilos faster than a woman who is already near her desired weight.

And: every body is different from the physiological point of view. It is therefore very important that you give sufficient time to your body, if it needs. If you think you can lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, you are wrong. Even if you can, it would be neither healthy nor long lasting.

How can I lose 10 kilos?

If you start a weight loss program, you will see, the first 10 kilos are usually not the problem, rather the last. They are particularly persistent.

How did the 28-year-old woman make it anyway? Firstly, with a change in her diet. She tried many diets, none of them was 100 percent perfect for her. She often tried without carbohydrates and sugar has been a slight in her diet. She chose a sport that was fun but with physical stress.

What are the requirements to lose 10 kilos?

10 kilos sounds extremely much for many women. Such a big weight loss is not suitable for everyone, Marie Steffen knows: “A lot, that’s always relative. Basically, it can be said that any woman who is over 15 percent body fat can almost certainly benefit from a decrease in fat mass. ”If you want to lose weight, you should first measure the body fat percentage and then decide how many kilos really have to be lost. And: Of course, only fat and no muscle mass should be reduced.

“Women who have a body fat percentage below or up to 15 percent should be more careful. I decide whether the reduction ultimately makes sense on the basis of various factors, which I can assess with a medical history form that the customer fills out Role.

What is a calorie deficit?

If you want to lose 10 kilos, you have to turn a screw: the diet. Most people eat a lot more calories than the body actually needs and thus also uses and burns them.

Marie Steffen says: “The most important thing is to create a caloric deficit.” Say: You have to eat less than you burn. But how much must the calorie intake be reduced? That is determined by the basal metabolic rate, says fitness coach Marie. “How high the turnover is and how many calories we should consume every day can actually be measured very accurately.”

Lose 10 kilos: how do I hold out?

Then it’s time to keep a diet. Sounds nasty, but is absolutely necessary to reach the goal. Marie Steffen has a little trick on how your customers can better stick to the diet plan. “I like to work with a diet break. This break divides the diet into stages and makes an ‘end’ foreseeable. ”That keeps the motivation high!

Marie Steffen explains how this diet break works: “After a few weeks of diet, I put the customer on her maintenance needs for two weeks. This depends on your feeling and the previous body fat reduction. After this phase, the deficit continues. “Say: eat less than burn. But don’t panic:” This is a very conscious and planned approach. It prevents the metabolism and the hormones from adjusting too quickly. ”This is the only way to lose 10 kilos in a healthy way.

Can I lose 10 kilos without starving?

Of course. You even have to. Because: If you want to lose 10 kilos successfully, you won’t get very far with hunger. Because the total renunciation of food will not go along for a long time, and certainly not if you also want to exercise at the same time

Marie Steffen says: “Extreme and especially long-term starvation is not an option because this procedure does not offer any health benefit. Due to an extreme deficit, the metabolism is severely reduced. ”

After 2 weeks at the latest, your natural survival mode will switch on and trigger cravings. So the game starts over: you gain weight, eat out of frustration, want to lose weight, starve your metabolism … a vicious cycle.

Maximiliane also had to learn that starving is not a solution. “First I had to learn with a nutrition coach how to eat properly and, above all, how to eat healthy.” An important factor in this coaching: separating food from feelings. Say: Frustrations and rewards are deleted. This is the only way the body learns to eat food because it needs energy. And not because it’s guided by feelings. Because frustration eating creates one thing above all: even more frustration.

For Marie Steffen and her customers, the feasibility of an eating plan is particularly important. The diet must fit into everyday life and be feasible. “The ban factor is often a trigger for a strong desire for what is ultimately prohibited,” said Steffen. Therefore, you should avoid strict diet prohibitions.

How often do I have to exercise to lose 10 pounds?

In addition to nutrition, the right and above all effective training naturally also plays a major role. The difficulty is that the training is at least as important, but much more difficult to measure. Marie Steffen advises: “In order to have an exact reference value, I make sure that my customers calculate a calorie balance that accounts for a deficit of 20 percent of their current maintenance needs.” This value is a good starting point since it is not too extreme and this means that you can physically hold on longer.

Because: “Long-term feasibility is the most important thing. If the 10 kilos are lost too quickly, it can be assumed that a lot of muscles have been burned. But it is essential. ”

An optimal training schedule from 3 to 5 times a week is recommended for every woman. But: “If someone has hardly trained before, it is better to start the training with 3 units first and then observe the body’s reaction to the sport for 2 weeks.”

Because the training is good, it also means stress for the body and requires an optimal regeneration time, especially in combination with a calorie deficit.

How do I lose weight without losing muscle?

Many think that losing weight always means losing muscle. But that’s not true, because with the 10 kilos only the fat pads should melt. A nutrition plan is just as important as effective training. No muscle is lost here. The advantage of strong muscles is, by the way, that they really heat fat burning!

What is the best workout if I want to lose 10 pounds?

Losing weight therefore only works through a combination of a nutritional plan and effective training. But what does the perfect workout look like to lose 10 kilos?

Marie Steffen says: “There is no such thing as the optimal workout to lose 10 kilos. There is only one workout that can be optimally implemented by the person. In doing so, I pay particular attention to what someone can spend the most on. ”It is important to cover the areas of endurance and strength above all in order to train the cardiovascular system and strengthen the connective tissue. “It can also change body composition and body fat distribution.”

Maximiliane found the perfect combination for herself: “I found a studio where I can train endurance as well as strength and coordination. The mixture makes it for me in the end. ”Because: If you want to lose 10 kilos, you need time and patience, so a varied training program is worthwhile.

How quickly can I lose 10 kilos?

Tempo is not a quality feature here. If you think you can lose 10 pounds in 4-6 weeks, you should quickly say goodbye to this thought. Marie Steffen knows: “On average, it is more likely to be 4-6 months to carry out an intelligent diet and then keep the weight long-term.” However, the duration depends primarily on the initial situation. “As a rule, the higher the body fat percentage at the beginning, the faster you lose weight.”

If you want to lose 10 kilos, you should bring your time. And above all, realistically assess your goal and not overwhelm your body. Marie Steffen: “If the 10 kilos are reduced too quickly, this can have enormous consequences for hormones and bowel activity. In addition, there is often a wrong relationship with eating and feeling hungry. ”

How can I lose 10 kg without a yo-yo effect?

The 10 kilos are down, the goal has been reached! But the way is not over yet, because if you want to avoid an unsightly yo-yo effect, you should make sure to work your way slowly out of the diet phase. Those who eat too unhealthily too quickly and do too little sport will soon gain weight again. Marie Steffen: “Dieting is at least as important as the diet itself.” Say: The time after.

But how does the ‘dieting’ work? “I am increasing the calories in small increments in the week-by-week nutrition plan. The slow increase gives the body time to get used to the increased food intake. ”

That means: the metabolism learns to process more, because more is also supplied. Because in order to metabolize more nutrients, the metabolism also needs more energy.

The ultimate goal after the diet is to keep your metabolism as high as possible while at the same time increasing it slightly. “We are within a tolerance range of 1 to 2 kilos,” says Steffen. Here it can be assumed that it is water retention and no fat deposits.

5 golden weight loss rules

So that the 10 kilos actually work, coach Marie Steffen has summarized her 5 golden weight loss rules for you:

Ensure a caloric deficit.

  1. Eat as large a volume as possible. So the decision should primarily be made on foods that fill you up. This means that you automatically consume the “right”, healthy and high-fiber foods.
    80 percent of your calorie balance should consist of unprocessed foods.
  2. Don’t drink calories. Avoid alcohol in particular, which has a very high calorie density with little volume. A glass of wine a week is ok, but only if it’s really worth it.
  3. Exercising 3 times a week is a must. Above all, so that the connective tissue remains as strong as possible despite the extreme reduction. Sport can also create an additional after-burn effect through muscle regeneration processes.
  4. Losing 10 kilos is certainly not an easy task. With a calorie deficit, a sports program that you enjoy and a lot of patience with yourself and your own body, it is doable! Our tips and workouts will support you.
  5. Would you also like to train with Marie Steffen and get closer to your dream body? Then register for our coaching zone and work together with the fitness and nutrition coach on your desired weight.

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