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Top 30 Scientifically Proven Tips for Weight Loss

We can get more knowledge about weight loss on the internet. Some strategies are easy and some may be hard to try. We mostly search for the best methods but not scientifically proven ones. For that, We did comprehensive research and came up with the Top 30 Scientifically proven tips for losing weight naturally.

Top 30 Scientifically Proven Tips for Weight Loss

Let’s have a look one by one!

Eat slowly

If you are a faster eater, you may eat many calories before realizing that you are full.

People who chew foods slowly eat fewer calories.

Also, slow eating increases hormone production linked to weight loss.

So people who eat food slowly become less obese compared to those who eat fast.

Drink more water

It is really true that drinking water can help you with weight loss. Try avoiding beverages that contain added sugar and calorie-rich. Instead, drink water.

For middle-aged and older people, taking water before meals helps them to intake fewer calories.

After an hour of drinking 0.5 liters (17 oz) of water, it increases your calorie burning up to 24-30%.

Drinking water for weight loss is a proven one. To know more about this, check out the post below

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Use whey protein

To rise protein intake, the best way is to take a whey protein supplement. It is for people who didn’t get enough protein from their diet.

According to a study, replacing some calories with whey protein results in increased lean muscle mass and also weight loss significantly.

Before buying a whey protein supplement, just take a glance at all the ingredients on the list. Because, some are packed with unhealthy additives and added sugar.

Limit intake of refined carbs

In refined carbs, most of the essential nutrients and fiber are removed.

This contains only easily digestible carbs which make you eat more. It also increases the risk of diseases.

The sources of refined carbs are white rice, white flour, white bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, snacks, pastries, sweets, sodas, and added sugar. Hence, limiting the refined carbs intake will surely help you to lose weight.

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Practice mindful eating

It is particularly to increase awareness while eating.

It helps you to select conscious foods and eat them satisfyingly.

As you know your hunger level and satiety signals, mindful eating makes you eat healthily.

Many studies have shown that mindful eating has important effects on your weight, stress, and eating behavior in obese individuals.

This practice of mindful eating naturally reduces your weight because you choose food consciously and listens to your body signals carefully.

Replace your regular oil with coconut oil

Studies have proved that coconut oil is important especially for reducing unhealthy belly fats.

It slightly boosts your metabolism and helps to eat less amount of calories.

Coconut oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat.

Its metabolism is different from other fats.

You need not want to add this in your diet but you simply replace some fat sources with coconut oil to avail the benefits.

Add resistance exercises

During the diet, you may lose your muscle mass. If you lose more muscles, it will result in lesser calorie-burning than before.

Resistance exercise like weighting lifts daily prevents you from muscle mass loss.

Additionally, it also makes your body fit and looking great.

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Drink unsweetened coffee

Coffee is an active beverage as it is packed with antioxidants and some effective compounds. Nowadays, we are realizing its usages.

Drinking coffee specifically without sugar helps you to lose weight. It increases your energy levels and burns more calories.

Also, coffee has caffeine content which boosts your metabolic activity by 3-11%.

It reduces the chance of developing type 2 diabetes by 23-50%.

If you don’t drink milk coffee, try for black coffee. It has almost no calories.

It makes you feel full and it’s best suitable for weight loss.

Drink unsweetened green tea

Like coffee, it is also loaded with antioxidants

Drinking green tea has many benefits linked to health.

It increases fat burning and helps in reducing weight.

Green tea increase your energy levels by 4% and burns selective fat (harmful belly fats) up to 17%.

Just take a glass of green tea (without sugar) every day and feel the amazing results.

Eat whole and single-ingredient foods

Base your diet mainly with whole single-ingredient foods.

Eating such foods provides you many important nutrients that your body requires to function properly.

This is a promising way to become healthy.

As whole foods fill your stomach soon, it’s easy for everyone to maintain healthy calorie limits.

You can eliminate the majority of added sugar, fats, and processed food by trying this method.

This in turn, helps in weight loss.

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Include more protein in your diet

For people who tend to lose weight, the king of nutrients is the protein.

It reduces your hunger and makes you feel full for a large time.

According to studies, those who are on a high protein diet ate 400 fewer calories only.

A high protein food boosts your metabolism by 80-100 calories daily.

This is because, on digesting and metabolizing the protein, your body burns calories.

The sources of protein include eggs, meat, fish, poultry, tofu, legumes, nuts, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, soy, etc…

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Do some cardio daily

Do some kind of cardio such as walking, jogging, running, cycling or hiking.

It is the best way of burning more calories and it results in lowered body weight.

It also improves physical and mental health.

Cardio is greatly effective for lessening the harmful belly fat.

If you don’t reduce such fats, it will accumulate around the organs if your body and opens a door for metabolic disease.

Cardio also helps in reducing the risks of heart disease.

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Eat eggs (especially in breakfast)

Eggs contain important nutrients and are rich in protein, low in calories, and also easily available. All this combination helps you to lose weight.

High protein content reduces your hunger and increases fullness. Low calories prevent you from gaining weight.

Further, according to the study, eating eggs for breakfast over 8 weeks causes up to 65% enormous weight loss. This study is compared to people who eat bagels for breakfast.

As you eat eggs in the morning, it helps you eating only fewer calories for the rest of the day.

Eat foods in smaller plates

Eating in smaller plates changes your mind of seeing portion sizes.

According to proven studies, it makes you eat fewer portions.

People mostly try to fill their plates even it is a larger one.

Such people will consume more foods in larger plates compared to smaller plates.

If you eat in smaller plates, it will give you the perception of eaten more but actually you consume less food. Just try this trick.

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Get good and enough sleep

Those who are deprived of sleep have high chances of getting more weight.

Studies proved that they are more likely to become obese by 55% compared to those who sleep well.

This may work out for children highly.

Sleep denial mainly disrupts your appetite hormones fluctuations which lead to low appetite regulation.

So, sleeping well for at least 7 hours is essential for weight loss and to avoid future weight gain.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Forever, the best weight-loss-friendly foods are fruits and vegetables.

There is no doubt about that. Also, they are too healthy.

If you want to eat more servings of food containing fewer calories, always eat fruits and vegetables. These are rich in water, nutrients, and fiber. Fruits and vegetables mostly have very low energy density.

Many studies have proven that fruits and vegetables eating people are usually less in weight.

Try a low-carb diet

Always try to eat fewer carbohydrates. This will make you lose weight easily. Even, many studies have proved this fact.

Limiting your carb level and intaking more protein and fats reduces your hunger.

So, you will eat only fewer calories.

This results in a weight loss sizably 3 times compared to a standard low-fat diet.

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Brush your teeth after meals

Many people have the habit of brushing or flossing their teeth after each meal.

Because, they don’t like to eat after brushing, and also food taste differs.

This reduces their desire for snacks or unwanted eating between meals. Follow this method of washing mouth after eating if you want to eat less or to avoid unhealthy snacks.

Take probiotics

First let’s see what are probiotics. Probiotics are living bacterias which contains many health benefits.

It improves the digestive system, heart health, and may reduce your weight.
Lactobacillus gasseri probiotic bacteria is the most important one for weight loss comparing to other bacterias.

In a study, it has been proved that overweight and obese people have varied gut bacteria compared to ordinary weight people.

It may influence their weight. Probiotics help in regulating healthy gut bacteria. Dietary fat absorption may be blocked by them resulting in reduced hunger and inflammation.

Spice up your meals

Capsaicin compound reduces your hunger and calorie intake and helps in boosting metabolic activities. It increases the rate of fat burning.

So, spice up your meals with chili peppers and jalapenos that are high in capsaicin.

Eat more fiber

One of the main reasons for eating fiber-rich foods is that it keeps you full for more time. Especially water-soluble fiber is helpful for this. Finally, it naturally leads you to eat less.

Also, fiber may promote the release of satiety hormones and delay stomach emptying.

It feeds the healthy beneficial gut bacteria which is linked with reduced risk of obesity.

Thus, fiber-rich foods help with weight loss. Add fiber into your diet unhurriedly.

Because, adding too much fiber at the same time may lead to abdominal discomfort such as diarrhea, cramps, and bloating.

Supplement with Glucomannan

It is one of the weight loss pills that actually work out.

This natural dietary fiber Glucomannan is made from the konjac plant also called the elephant yam.

It is soluble in water and contains fewer calories.

Glucomannan fills space in the stomach and delays the emptying of the stomach.

It feeds the beneficial gut bacteria.

Its ability to absorb water is the major reason for weight loss.

Just one capsule is enough as it makes a glass of water into a gel.

Fight your food addiction

Numerous people get addicted to food.

This may be due to stress, anxiety, or other reasons.

Food addiction dominates appetites. It also changes your brain chemistry difficult to resist certain foods. It causes you to overeat.

A study conducted in 2014 found that almost 20% of people of the notable % of the population fulfilled the criteria for food addiction.

Food addiction is mainly related to mental health issues.

Some say, it may be similar to drug addiction.

The best way to avoid this is to consult a doctor and seek treatment to live life healthily.

Avoid liquid calories

Sugary drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and chocolate milk are the main beverages that contain liquid calories.

Consuming these drinks leads to an increased risk of developing obesity.

One study was conducted among children by giving them a sugar-sweetened beverage daily.

Results showed that they have developed a severe 60% increased risk of obesity.

Most importantly, note that the brain does not see the liquid and solid calories as same.

It will end up you in taking more liquid calories than any foods you eat.

These are the worst one that affects four health. So avoid such drinks.

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Keep healthy foods and snacks in the kitchen

Studies have proved that or eating behavior is regulated mainly by the foods we keep in our homes. It greatly affects our weight.

Always keep healthy foods available in your home.

If you get hungry between your meals, eat such snacks and foods. It reduces the chances of eating unhealthy.

It’s easy to prepare such natural healthy snacks and you can take it to your office or school or wherever you go.

This comprises whole fruits, nuts, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and yogurt.

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Conscious eating

Always be conscious to know what and how much you eat each time.

This will help you with weight loss.

You can do it in several ways.

Example: Counting calories each time, recording your food uptake in a food diary daily, or taking pictures of what you eat every time.

Limiting added sugar

Intaking high sugar volume is linked with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer diseases which are now the earth’s dominant diseases.

Sugar is usually hidden in processed foods.

You may consume it without knowing that it has sugar.

That’s why we recommend you to limit processed foods.

Sugar has different names in various ingredient lists. So, it is difficult to identify how much sugar every product retains.

The only solution is minimizing sugar intake wherever possible in your diet.

Try regular fasting method

Periodic fasting helps you to eat fewer calories. So, during eating periods, you don’t need to consciously restrict calories.

Trying fasting and eating cycles alternatively surely leads you to lose weight with additional health benefits.

There are several ways to try periodic or intermittent fasting. Some are 5:2 diet, 16:8 method, and the stop-eat-stop method.

Avoid processed foods totally

Any processed food contains added sugars, fats, and calories in large quantities.

It’s engineered with an idea to make you eat much. It may cause addiction on eating such unhealthy foods. So, it’s better to avoid it.

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Focus on changing your lifestyle

Always focus your goal to eat healthy foods instead of only losing weight.

Because diet may fail in the long term or make you get bored and tend to gain weight over time.

So, always nourish your body healthily to become a fittest and happiest person.

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And Not only these Weight loss tips, there are several other Weight loss diets which help you to lose weight naturally fast. Here is our Complete list of Weight loss Diet Posts – Click here

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