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Vegan Diet for Weight loss [A Complete Guide for Beginners]

We did Comprehensive research on Vegan Diet for Weight loss and came up with our final recommendations. Let’s begin!!!

Vegan diet for weight loss: Is it really possible?

Vegans are those who eat fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, plant-based milk, and non-dairy products. They don’t eat dairy products, eggs, meat, or fish. They prefer to eat only vegetarian foods.

Most people choose the lifestyle of a vegan mainly due to spiritual concerns for animals. But a vegan diet also has many health benefits.

Is it possible to lose weight by a Vegan diet?

Yes, being a vegetarian, it is logical to lose weight. According to recent studies, trying vegetarian foods assists you to lose a notable quantity of weight. People who are trying to lose some pounds can even try a vegan diet.

A vegan diet reduces the number of high-calorie foods you eat. It will end up you in eating high-fiber alternative foods that are lower in calories. It keeps you full for a long time. So, you will consume only fewer calories and this results in weight loss.

Is this Vegan diet approach is healthy?

Vegetarians lack some of the essential nutrients that are found in animals. For example, enough protein and other vitamins like Vitamin B 12 are found naturally in animal products. If you are deficient in such nutrients, it may lead to anemia.

As a vegetarian, you may cut or lack some main foods in your diet. It may seem unhealthy.

But don’t worry vegans!!!

Carefully spend your attention mainly on nutrients. You need to supplement such nutrients with more vitamins, fortified soy products, and vitamin-fortified cereals to avoid deficiencies in your diet.

To eat a Vegan diet more healthy and to lose weight, focus on the following foods;

Vegan diet Food list

Whole grains
Nuts and seeds
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Beans and legumes
These foods are rich in nutrients and low in calories. You can eat it without any doubts.

Avoid limited processed foods that contain the following ingredients

Food additives
Sodium and
Non-healthy fats.
After trying a vegan diet for weight loss, some may have trouble with yo-yo dieting. It means, after sticking to vegan-only foods, you may have difficulty in going through cycles of losing weight and then regaining more of that weight. This may be associated with health impacts such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is the possible pitfall when you go for a vegan diet.

Best tips for vegans to lose weight

Men generally need 2,500 calories daily for maintaining their weight. To lose weight, they had to reduce 500 calories i.e. they have to eat 2000 calories per day.

Likewise, women have to eat 2000 calories each day to maintain their weight normally. For weight loss, they have to drop this number of calories to 1500 calories per day.

On considering nutrition, a junk food calorie never equals a whole food calorie. Ex: Filling up on nut butter cookies is very different from filling up on fresh produces even if you maintain fewer calories goal.

Factors which affect your weight loss journey

Present weight
Metabolic health, Physical activity levels and
Other health issues.
Many of these factors may be out of your control. But you are able to maintain your exercise and diet.

Factors which affect your weight loss journey

Follow this Guidelines for Healthy Eating and to lose weight

  • Eat meals on a specific time
  • It is not good to eat food throughout the day for weight loss. Eat meals with specific timing.
  • It can boost your metabolic activity and helps you to eat healthily.
    Eat within 45 minutes after finishing your exercises. It will nourish and rebuild your muscles.
  • Also, eat dinner 2 hours before going to bed. When you consume calories close to your bedtime, it increases the chances of gaining weight and disturbs your sleep. So, try to maintain timings.
  • Try to eat foods in a regular time pattern daily. It will trick your mind and stomach to consume food at such a specific time only. Compared to lunch and dinner, eat a large amount of breakfast.

Pay attention to your portion size
According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s MY PLATE, the average men and women should eat the following number of servings of foods every day. These are;

Food group Servings for men Servings for women

Grains 9 6
Fruits 3 2
Vegetables 4+ 3+
Beans 6 ounces 5 ounces
Fats / Oils 6-7 5-6
Dairy alternatives 2-3 2-3
Example: In each food groups, a single serving of foods should contain;

Food group Ingredients

Grains 1 Sliced bread
1/2 Cup cooked Cereal or Pasta or Rice
1 Cup Cold Cereal
Fruits 1 Medium Piece whole Fruit like an Apple, Orange, Banana or Pear
1/2 Cup cooked or Chopped or Canned fruit
3/4 Cup Sugar-free fruit juice
Vegetables 1 Cup raw leafy greens
1/2 Cup cooked or raw veggies
3/4 Cup vegetable juice
Beans 1/2 Cup cooked dry beans
1/2 Cup tofu
1/2 – 2 Ounces soy burger
2 Tablespoons peanut butter
1/3 Cups nuts
Fats 1 Tablespoon oil
1 Tablespoon butter
1/2 Medium avocado
1-Ounce nuts
2 Tablespoons but butter
Dairy alternatives 1 Cup Non-dairy milk

Obtaining enough protein

It is recommended to intake protein 5.5 ounces per day or 0.41 grams per pound of your body weight.

Example: A 175-pound man should consume 72 grams of protein every day. A 150-pound woman should try to eat 61 grams of protein daily.

Per gram of protein contain 4 calories. In the above example, a woman gets 224 calories from protein and the man gets 288 calories from protein they ate each day.

The sources of plant protein are;

    • Food Serving size Protein
    • Soybeans 2 cup 29 grams
    • Lentils 1 cup 18 grams
    • Beans (Chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans) 1 cup 15 grams
    • Quinoa 1 cup 8 grams
    • TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) 1/2 cup 8 grams
    • Peanut butter 2 tablespoons 8 grams
    • Seitan 3 ounces 21 grams
    • Tempeh 1 cup 31 grams

Pass on healthy drinks

Before you buy a smoothie in a store, check how many calories it has. Even, healthy and energy drinks can also get packed with more calories.

For dieting, it’s more important to stay clear about calories.

Example: Beverages like a 20-ounce soda contain 240 calories and 18 teaspoons of sugar. A freshly prepared 20-ounce orange juice contains about 279 calories. A 20-ounce acai smoothie contains 460 calories.

So, please read the labels of such drinks carefully and drink it for any special occasions only.

The best drink is water because it has zero calories and keeps you hydrating. If you are bored with drinking plain water, just add a squeeze of lemon or consider drinking herbal teas and sparkling waters.

Take moderate plant-based desserts

Don’t eat too much of plant-based desserts. American people eat 22.2 teaspoons of sugar daily on an average. The source may be whatever items like ice cream or a batch of vegan cookies. It contains only a little nutrition and 335 calories.

Besides gaining bodyweight, Sugar also leads to serious health issues, like high blood pressure, blood triglycerides, and inflammation by disrupting our metabolism.
Here is the quantity of sufficient sweet stuff…

Men should take 9 teaspoons or 150 calories daily and women should restrict their intake around 6 teaspoons or 100 calories per day.

If you need to intake healthy desserts containing very few calories, then try fresh fruits. Or else, eat today a small portion and keep the remaining portion of vegan dessert for tomorrow or next week.


A vegan diet helps you in losing weight. Yet, consulting with other persons is also a useful idea.

It’s always better to clarify your diet ideas with a doctor or dietitian before you make changes. It will help you to get clear answers about essential nutrients like protein and Vitamin B.

Doctors may have other good suggestions about your body weight and tips to lose weight like maintaining a food diary or doing regular workouts.

I hope, this Vegan Diet for Weight loss [A Definitive Guide] will help you to achieve Weight loss and Belly Fat.

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