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Weight loss success: Six-pack as a triple mom – that’s how Petra did it


After my third birth, I weighed 150 pounds and felt uncomfortable with my skin. I tried a number of diets and actually wanted to do something about my weight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it because I was too busy being a mom of three. I always found an excuse – and so the years went by.

In 2014 I finally made up my mind to give this issue the necessary priority and I completely changed my diet.

First I started with Metabolic Balance – but quickly realized that I have to eat differently if I want to do additional sport.

What helps against the yo-yo effect?

I researched what is best for the body on the Internet and quickly found out that everyone has a different theory and that I have to try everything out myself.

Skipping carbohydrates wasn’t a solution for me because I didn’t want to limit my daily diet so much. A solution had to be found that is permanent and does not have a yo-yo effect.

So I started trying and I got tips at various points. After about five months I had put together my own eating plan and it was not nearly as strict as the plans from the Internet. I actually eat everything – but in moderation.

I also eat chocolate every day – only a small piece, but it shouldn’t be missing. But since I move a lot, nutrition is not as important to me as it is if I were working in the office.

I eat a lot of protein foods like chicken and eggs, but everything is natural. My biggest change was that I consciously only eat five times a day and then nothing more.

The first successes are quickly visible

The first kilos fell quickly and I felt better and better. Weight loss alone did not satisfy me, however, because I was far from an athletic figure.

So I decided to start exercising in addition to changing my diet. At first I played in a women’s soccer team, but unfortunately I had to stop playing ball games due to an injury (knee).

In search of a knee-friendly alternative, I made an appointment at the gym – and there the fitness fever seized me …

With a strong will in the gym to your dream body

I was full of motivation and had the urge to train four times a week. From this my body formed more and more and my motivation grew as a result.

Having a lot of fun with the change also increased my well-being. Going to the gym almost every day has become a new hobby of mine, which I practice with great passion.

The way to my dream figure was not always as easy as it seems. Fighting and staying on the ball every day does not come naturally.

My strong will and the conviction to work hard for this goal have always helped me during this time.

Many acquaintances doubted my goal and did not support me. But giving up was never an option and thanks to the help of my four men (my husband and our three boys) I achieved my dream figure.

I am extremely happy and proud to have walked this path. As a result, I have gained new self-confidence, which is only helpful to me on my future path.

I hope that with my story I can inspire many readers to believe in such a goal and to fight to achieve it.

You can find out more about me and my path on my Instagram profile.

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