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With five tools for the before-corona body


Most of us know the problem: we want to keep fit! However, accommodating sport in a stressful everyday life is sometimes a real challenge.

So is Natalie Kaschuge. The presenter and author is the mother of a young daughter and knows how difficult it can be to get everything under one roof.

In her blog Kilos, Kinder und Karriere, cheerful nature takes you on this journey and tries to find the right solution for more fitness in everyday life. Because who doesn’t want it – the pre-corona body?

Here, presenter Natalie Kaschuge reports on her personal challenge and reveals which five small pieces of equipment can also be used for full-body workouts at home.

The challenge: kilos, children and a career

Before-Baby and Before-Corona-Body is trendy for everyone who wants to get back in shape now. My daughter is 16 months old and the baby fat is still stuck to me. Corona is almost as old and the Corona belly annoys me too. The bacon has to go! But above all, being fit, that is the challenge that we could not easily meet with closed fitness studios. Now some studios are open, but personally I don’t have much time for it. That’s why I want to know today: With which five small pieces of equipment can I get fit effectively and intensively at home in a short period of time? The little training aids must be easy to stow away and must not be dangerous for small children’s hands.

With a child, there is little time for the gym and Co.

For many it’s a good thing that most of the studios are open again, but not an advantage for me, because I don’t have time for it. But there were some who came through the pandemic in a surprisingly fit. Most have either discovered running for themselves or have trained at home. I did that from time to time and was amazed at how well it worked sometimes. No long travel times to the studio, possible at any time, I’m always at home when I’m needed.

But still it was always a bit haphazard. What exercises should I do today and what do I want to train? Thinking about a sports plan quickly is not that easy. So it was mostly with the good intentions. Unfortunately, the resolutions are not enough and the bikini belly is clearly visible.

Home workouts are not enough for weight loss success

In order to lose weight, you have to eat healthily and, above all, consume fewer calories than you consume. It’s that easy to say.

The first thing to do therefore: calculate your own sales. How active am I really at the moment and what do you actually feed into yourself all day?

Therefore, it is best to first calculate the basal metabolic rate and calorie requirement:

If you know how much you can eat to maintain your weight or lose weight, you have to take this into account and, best of all, write down the things that end up in your stomach. This is the only way to keep an eye on it and not fall into the trap too often, because many juices or foods are higher in calories or fat than we would expect.

You can lose weight without exercise, but you just don’t get fit and stronger. But that’s the most important thing to me.

With five small devices for a feel-good body

That’s why I have a challenge: I want an all-round fitness program, preferably with few small devices that can be stowed away easily, but are still effective and, if necessary, my children should be able to participate and not be injured in the process. Specifically, this means: I want to buy a maximum of five small devices, do effective exercises and a training plan that is good for me and my body, but not invest too much time. Who can help? Of course, a real fitness expert!

I’m in the right place with my colleague Sara-Lena Niebaum. Sara-Lena has a 5-year-old daughter herself and knows how mums can get fit quickly. She accepts the challenge and gives us five training helpers. You can see them in the application in the video.

Lara Kordes also shows us in the video how we can best use the little training aids.

Fitness machine # 1: sports mat as an all-rounder

FIT FOR FUN yoga mat


The all-rounder

from 99.00 euros

180 x 66 cm
Sustainably produced from renewable raw materials

Get started with the FIT FOR FUN-B MAT Strong Mat for warm-up. It offers optimal support and maximum cushioning with minimal weight – so you can sweat or relax wonderfully on the six millimeter thick mat.

The material mix of natural rubber with a small amount of synthetic rubber in three layers makes the fitness mat absolutely non-slip, robust and durable.

The idea of ​​yoga includes a responsible approach to people and the environment, which is why the exercise mat is produced under fair conditions and for the most part from renewable raw materials in Spain.

The B MAT is produced free of harmful substances and is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – a practically unique award for natural rubber mats.

Fitness machine # 2: fitness bands for effective muscle training

FIT FOR FUN fitness band set

FIT FOR FUN Resistance Bands


For at home and on the go

from 29.90 euros

Fitness bands in different strengths
including exercises and a practical bag

The training continues with the fitness bands. They are effective and effective: With the resistance bands you can train all muscle groups in a targeted and joint-friendly manner – the bands support you, whether for strength training, muscle building, yoga, Pilates or physiotherapy.

With the training bands in three different lengths, you not only strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks and legs, but also your posture, endurance and motor coordination and lose weight in the process.

The FIT FOR FUN fitness bands come in a set of three including instructions, storage bag and exercise band for effective full-body training.

A booklet with instructions and exercises from FIT FOR FUN helps you to find your way around while training – with the Powerband as a full-body trainer you can easily achieve your dream figure.

Fitness machine # 3: Plank pad for core and stomach

FIT FOR FUN plank pad

Playfully to success

from 89.90 euros

55 x 36 x 8 cm
playfully train with the interactive app

The plank is one of the most effective full-body exercises. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the forearm support trains the back, buttocks, shoulders and arms. Regular planking makes for a strong trunk. In addition to hardened abdominal muscles and more stability, the exercise improves your posture and can prevent back pain.

The plank pad in the FIT FOR FUN edition takes the forearm support to the next level. As an innovative abdominal muscle trainer, the board combines intensive workouts with varied games.

The smartphone is synchronized with the board via an app. While leaning on the board in the plank position, games run on the mobile phone that are controlled by movement.

In addition to the games, advanced athletes in particular can let off steam in the workout section: The app contains numerous videos with a wide range of planking variations.

The intelligent board not only provides instructions for correct execution, but also corrects the posture in the meantime.

The plank pad not only works as an abdominal muscle trainer, but also as a balance board. To do this, the app can be connected to the television – for a round of skating or snowboarding on the board.

Fitness machine # 4: Sling trainer for the back

FIT FOR FUN Sling Trainer

FIT FOR FUN sling trainer

For great results

from 59.90 euros

Sling trainer for at home and on the go
free QR code for practical exercises

The sling trainers recommended by Sara-Lena are particularly effective for back, arms and chest training. With this efficient training device you can specifically promote muscle building with your body weight, increase your stamina and flexibility or lose fat – whether for the stomach, back or pelvic floor training, with the sling trainer every part of the body gets its fat away.

Thanks to its low weight and a practical bag, the sling trainer can not only be attached at home, but also transported compactly – you always have it with you for workouts in the park, functional or core training in the studio.

The tear-resistant straps, rubberized handles and sturdy metal adjusters for simplified length adjustment of the loops are robust and offer you maximum support and comfort during your fitness exercises.

The universally applicable and high-quality carabiner hook made of aluminum enables the attachment to almost all objects such as trees, railings, pull-up bars or existing ceiling or wall hooks. There is also an easy way to clip the sling trainer to the door.

The FIT FOR FUN Sling Trainer comes with a practical storage bag, mounting instructions and free QR code for practical exercises with the home trainer.

Fitness machine # 5: Blackroll for the fascia

FIT FOR FUN Blackroll

For regeneration

from 27.90 euros

30 x 15 cm
including training booklet

After this intense workout, we deserve regeneration. A Blackroll is the perfect training and massage device in one. Regardless of whether you have back pain, muscle tension or restricted mobility – a few exercises on the rolling base can help to get rid of annoying aches and pains in the long term. Because the cause of pain is often sticky fasciae.

Fascia are the connective tissue of muscles, tendons and ligaments. A sticking or hardening of the fascia tissue has a significant impact on physical health and performance.

This can result in widespread symptoms: tension, muscle pain in the back, neck, legs, feet or buttocks are just a few examples. In the long run, the tool ensures better mobility and tightens the connective tissue – it is therefore not without reason that many use it as a popular remedy for cellulite.

One more reason to throw yourself on the Blackroll.

Conclusion: passed the challenge?

Sara-Lena passed my challenge with these five fitness machines. Because I can stow everything well, it is safe for the little hands and effective in training. And best of all: I am so motivated that I will pack the ribbons and mat in my suitcase for our vacation. Because even there a short but effective training can be implemented wonderfully. I’m looking forward to it! Take part and get fit together with me for a healthy and happy summer 2021.

Then I wish you a lot of fun and all the best – your Natalie Kaschuge

This article first appeared at focus.de.

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